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  1. Oky so a lot of new changes have come and the crafting system was a big one. I understand that this was a copy paste directly from KR but how many times do ppl have to complain before someone actually adjust changes to fit the region's market before releasing? Have u seen the prices for some of the crafting items? Empyrean Spirt Stone 70 Normal Meatal 95 Special metal 50 Rare element 600 Soulstones 150 Moonstones 600 Scared Orbs 150 Eylsian Orbs and 300 gold! This is as bad if not worse then trying to upgrade a weapon. We do not g
  2. This is why I would really like to see an in-game hair salon, some days I want straight hair, curly hair, or pink hair. Or just add them all to the shop so I can buy the ones I like. I know we have a lot of hair adornments in the game but they usually come with somethings attached like a bow or hat. And if I wanted a bow or a hat I would rather put it on myself to match it with different outfits. As it is now its all or nothing. Like the Alice hair is awesome and looks good with almost everything but some times I want to take the bow off or change the bow color.
  3. Honestly I'm not surprised, but that doesn't change how freaking mad I am! I have not gotten the 1 outfit I have wanted the last 3 troves. No Lunar or Solar Eclipse, no White Seductress, no Dragonfall, no Super Fan and I have spent the money, bought the keys, and the extra slot spaces for 3 toons and nothing! Not even the 40th guarantee crit, can make me feel better about trove. Put it all in the store already so I can at least get what the freak I pay for and want.
  4. I'm a little confuse, what's wrong with selling the item again? Especially if it will make BnS money? Because some ppl won't feel like a special snowflake anymore?
  5. No, this is plain crazy and its not just jewels and elements, it galaxy fragments, freezing orbs, mysterious crystals etc. But hey at least u will have all the mats u need to do absolutely nothing with.
  6. Omg what is ppl issue with some QoL changes for the game? I would be all for a shared tab between all my toons. The mailing systems is a pain in the ass and should only be useful for friends that r not online at the time. Having to spend 100+ gold to mail my element and jewels, and mysterious crystals, and freezing orbs, and galaxy fragments to my gunner is going to be expensive as hell. While we r at it can we please have a crafting tab or at least open up the rest of the inventory. Please recycle some of the currency/tokens we have instead of making more, it takes up space we don't have. Ins
  7. I'm torn on this. On one hand I love the idea, being able to have clan housing and maybe a clan storage unit! It would bring some more immersion into the game which I think we all have been craving besides the day-in-day-out, 2nd job, grind fest. But on the other had this makes me a little bit worried. When WoW got garrisons, the major cities became ghost towns, Chat was dead, one felt alone in this huge game. I feel like people would just afk in there Clan homes instead of at the dragon traders. I know it would be a bit different because you still have to go do all ur quest and th
  8. I hope they can do something about this situation. (Sigh) I feel like this "damned if I do, damned if I don't" feeling has been an ongoing trend for the last few months and it really draining.
  9. @Leyren I agree, why the hell do we need all these different sets of rng key to start with? They take up precious bank space and we work our buts off in 6v6 to earn the bp to buy the boxes. After all that I should be able to use a regular key. Just change the amount of regular keys I need to use, most ppl are sitting on a stack.
  10. @Zuzu Not talking about adding a whole new system, just give me a button that I can type in what ever dps I want, not exceeding my current max lvl of course and without having to change all my gear. 1 click button allowing me to change between my pvp and pve gear would be nice too. Sure I can watch and read all the guides I want, but I learned better by doing. SS are still rng, no guarantee I'll get them my first 2 runs. Yes I have noticed how boring and easy the big 4 have become and once again we will just have a player base that have no clue how to do mechs, which means raids w
  11. Yeah point system is fine. But there have been several times where I have ran a F8 group with a bunch of 750ap ppl. Don't know if its my luck or time of day but it happens often. This mentality of dps is all u need is why ppl still fail mechs in EC, NF and an event dungeon. I don't carry around multiple sets of ss. Just my pve and pvp one. How many ppl u know hold on to pinnacle and lucent acc? I do cuz I'm a hoarder and know I will always need them to upgrade the next piece of gear but my clan members sure as hell don't.
  12. I would also like to see something like this but I don't it will happen. Hell, I would settle for just some of the hairstyles in character customization to be available to be bought from the HM store. I know u can get most of them from in the game but they always have a hat or flowers attached, I just what the hairstyles with the option to put on the hat if I want. I don't feel like changing ones hairstyle should be a part of altering a character, which would make an in-game barber shop a great gold sink
  13. I like this idea. Finishing the story puts one at 700-750ap right? But this doesn't teach mechs. Being able to lower your ap means you can go into an Asura or EC with a new clan member and actually teach mechs instead of telling them to stay back and then having to rez them after every boss fight. It will be more enjoyable experience for your clan member and it will create a pool of better players.
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