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  1. This is fine and all... but we want an ETA for the fix. And a proper one. I understand getting a proper is most likely difficult to get... but some sort of time frame would be super nice. And also be careful with your compensation. It could be adding more fuel to the fire. I am glad I saw the adjustment of the compensation, but I think most of us would prefer a quick timly fix, rather than receive this compensation.
  2. Hey yo, NcSoft, there dis bug with the Samurai Dagger and what not, fix it yo, lul. Kidding, but basically there seem to exist two different types of Samurai Dagger. One I believe is from the past Trove, and the one in the Showroom I believe is from the new Weapon Skin Box (Arsenal Chest). Due to the difference in name, and being separate item, I cannot actually put the Samurai Dagger from a previous Trove into the Showroom. I mean it is just one slot, but you know, it helps. I have attached some pictures to show what the difference is and what is going on.
  3. I'm gonna summarize this as fast as I can. Basically, even after the gameguard update to the 64bit client, I am still getting FPS loss and slow loading screens. There have been literally no difference after the update to gameguard, except that I can actually see how much memory the 64bit client is eating, and it staying visible in Task Manager. Before AND After the gameguard update my FPS is still at 10~22. Loading screen is still slow. Launching the 64bit client, I have noticed that it is not running on my specified GPU. It is running on the built-in integrated GPU.
  4. Ok. So I figured out why I am getting low FPS, even though running on an i7 & Nvidia GTX 970M. The 64bit client.exe is NOT running on the specified GPU. I checked the Nvidia Conrol Panel Settings, and even though I specifically added the 64bit client.exe to use the global settirngs (which is set to my 970M) it refuses to run on it. My GPU still sits at a moderate calm 65C when 64bit BnS is running, while running 32bit is up to 80~85C. That should be a strong indicator that the 64bit client is NOT running on our AMD/Nvidia/gaming specific GPU. Just gotta figure out a way to for
  5. 64bit broke SweetFX - Gotta wait for someone to do something about this I guess I dropped from 70~90 FPS (Usual decent amount of people in Mushin's Tower) down to ~15 FPS. I have checked, and yes the 64bit client was running on my Nvidia GPU, at least according to the Nvidia Control Panel Settings. Checked the temperature on my GPU while running 64bit, and what do I see there. Its sitting comfortably at 70C, when its usually 80~90C while running 32bit. Feels like 64bit is NOT running on my GPU. Running on: i7-5700HQ CPU @ 2.70GHz RAM: 16GB Nvidia GTX 970
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