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  1. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    btw challenger's orb fragments are also antique, guys, please let's let you clean up the mess you put, you can do it
  2. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    So basically, we have 2 more weeks to use the event hearts to upgrade our honmoong heart, but from today we can craft the oils to do it. Seriously, we get that you can do some mistakes, but you just can't get away with just that, that's just make pple leave on an update you should have had them stick more with the game. i just sold relics on my characters and noticed it at last on my main, but seriously just look at all the pple that are mad. PS : with the wonderfull change it seems you can't do heaven's mandate cuz nothing gives any orbs yet (unless the troves ?) You have to do something
  3. Hello, After hours of raging i thought i would come here to hope something to get done. I play Wind KFM, and when i do Tower Of Infinity i noticed 2 more than annoying things : When you've been knocked down and bock with the 2 (somersault kick) it does'nt daze on counter Against Blade Masters : When you've been knocked down and block with the 2 (somersault kick) and successfully counter it procs Iron Shoulder but the skill does'nt work when u press F, no matter how many you break you F key do to so. (i think it might be also in 1V1) 3Triple Kick Branch 1 does'nt Trigger anymore on Shadow Dance or Footwork but only on defending opponent Some better players or whalemonster might be able to outdo that with dps burst but honnestly it's getting rly on my nerves now that i'm stuck in floor 99 with bad luck on encounter class. Thank you for the reply.
  4. KFM Bug not in "Known Issues"

    To add to this list, an annoying bug in Tower of Infinity / Trial Arena mostly vs BM (seems ok vs SF/FM from what i tester) when countering Iron Shoulder pop up but the skill dont launch.