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  1. Server is up

    thanks xD
  2. Trove Cosmetics Suggestion

    Now making outfits tradeable I vote for that! I hate that its account bound that's lame
  3. Trove Cosmetics Suggestion

    I'd personally rather not see it in the HM store based on the fact that it's nice to have outfits that everyone doesn't have it makes you stand out. :) but I get what you're saying it does suck to not be able to have all the outfits you want but usually they make a comeback anyway some do and some don't. But you can't possibly collect every single outfit I'm sure no one has bought ever outfit that has ever been released . I know from my perspective I would never buy something. I know I wouldn't wear on my character and I certainly wouldn't spend money for collection purposes because who is going to see your collection other then you buy so far I have bought a gracious amount of clothing from ncsoft :0 kinda went a little ranty there sorry lol
  4. this week's Costume Rotation

    What does that look like? I'm not online so I can't check
  5. Advertisement

    I really wish BNS was advertised more so we could have even more players and maybe a happier community l. I think BNS is a very good underrated game that deserves more recognition lol please don't harass me or say mean things it's just a thought is all :)
  6. this week's Costume Rotation

    Yeah it's next week I think lol
  7. Broken trove

    Same me too! I wish I had the ploggle outfit for my cat though I wasn't playing when that was released. I would probably have a lot more outfits if I started playing when the game first launched but I'm hoping I see a re release .
  8. Broken trove

    I spent 59 keys and got the extra 59 free from the reimbursement and all I really cared to get was the outfits which I got all of them except ploggle pal but I plan to spen another 50 keys to get it and then I'm done lol I could really care less about the other stuff I mean I was hoping for some forging orbs but no luck but Im not upset about it since I got what I wanted from using minimal keys lol
  9. NCSoft do you care about f2p players?

    Well if this was my company I would support the paying players more too because they give me support by keeping my business running. Why do you think most companies in the world not just gaming companies cater to people who are members and pay more money? People who spend more in a store get bigger discounts on coupons and so on a so forth. So when you spend money expect to get more things out of what you are paying for. That's just common sense :/ sucks but everything in this world isn't free and just because a game is F2P doesn't mean it's entirely that way it never is
  10. I agree with the giving everyone a fixed amount of free keys would have been better but at the end of the day you can't get upset about being a f2p because obviously p2p players will be ahead of you that's not fair if I put a significant amount of money into a game and not be ahead of people who don't put money into a game. That's how most mmos work and to complain about it won't do any good. P2p or p2w will always be ahead no matter what you say or whine about :/ I mean put yourself in a paying players shoes. Would you not want to get the most out of your money and expect to be a top player if pure putting money into the game. Just play the game and enjoy it your not always going to be the top player in every game you play
  11. Reimbursing trove keys??

    I agree to a certain extent with what everyone said here but ou also have to think about this: even if NCsoft were to roll back and refund keys as well as take away what people got there would still be complaints because what if someone had gotten some good things in trove and had it all taken away from them and when using the keys for the second time got shitty stuff? Then those people would be pissed off too so it's really a loose loose situation for ncsoft UNLESS they gave EVERYONE free 50 keys whether anything was bought or not then no one could complain about being left behind because whales got an extra set of keys and they didn't and the whales wouldn't be upset that they had good items revoked and got shitty new items
  12. Reimbursing trove keys??

    Ok thanks
  13. Reimbursing trove keys??

    So to my understanding anyone who bought keys before the maintenance will be reimbursed? And how does that work really? Do they remove the items we received and give us the keys back to try again or what?
  14. Newsletter Gift

    ive been signed up for months now but I went ahead and resigned up again a week before the 25th just to be safe.
  15. Newsletter Gift

    I check in the apply a code spot but I don't have any serial codes :< what do I do?