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  1. this is great , this fixed the loading issue, i didnt know nvidia put a profile in the games , very odd ...
  2. Even after 2 yrs. of being away from this game, the loading times still amaze me.....i cant believe how poorly optimized this game still is ,no wonder the revenue has drop, i bought a new laptop a zephyrus and still this game runs totally awful, not even BDO runs that bad , graphically speaking everything is on max , but low or max still takes ages (around 8 to 10 mins) to just load the character screen , then load again to enter into the actual game, now i havent found any solution yet, some say the solution is UE4 , is this an actual thing? is gonna happen?
  3. hahahaha you two made my night enterily xD , alright alright you guys won , be happy
  4. im not gonna argue over something like this...is not that important , why should i? im just pointing some things thats it , you ppl escalated this way too quickly and much more than it should be
  5. so you can destroy my work? no thanks ohh so you know the person who made it?interesting..... im not denying skills , he/she have some serious skills , not bs, i just said it is close to the art from aion (gotta add the armor doesnt look like that on the game)
  6. wrong , never said plagiarism , just said it looks suspicious thats all dont put words on my mouth i havent said ,
  7. a guy says is botted...not sure what it means tho , seems for him is way to high for the mobility of the forums
  8. for you , i know it is hard to make something original , that doesnt look similar in some way to another piece stranded on internet , but look you cant deny it looks more than usual the coat for example has the same gold details and so on , the colors are there ! if that is to win , then let it win , but for some looks totally a ripoff , im not saying it completely the same , cuz is not , but some think it is
  9. ohh lol i really hit a nerve ....that design looks suspicious thats all i say look at the voting count ... who are you again?....
  10. oohhh i do have respect for artist and their tasks and all that comes from their pure intellect , hence is my rant here .... here i though for example the first design is wonderful...but i came into more detail when , suddendly AION armor pop up , because i have played aion also , im not upset......is disturbing that you cant see the same thing as me or like other ppl on discord. i just decided to make the post my opinions my own you are absolutely nobody to tell me to keep them for myself , sounds like an frigging antifa , you are entitled to your own opinion and theres
  11. just so you two know, i dd participate this event and before AND DO EVERYTHING FROM 0 , stop judging if you dont know me AT ALL , it bothers me when i see this kind of ..art.... when they use parts or they have a seriously close to another , same is like last year they had another Case of copyright , now save your excuses on this , DONT ever try say something against someone you guys dont know , shame that attitude
  12. so this year is worst than last year's contests...... from all your options , maybe 3 are good......but for god sake....... some of them hideous like the panda one....it has literally 0 creativity looks like he went to nearest store and look for kids clothing... you guys need to triple the sources two of those are suspicious this And now this 2 and this one reminds me white hot....they even have the flower in the same spot.... i would get if this was selected randomly by a bot....but no....they "pick" the best , i really won
  13. aside from all the trans stuff here and there , the feminine outfits part is true , you can count with one hand the outfits that look Masculine , just look the winner from the past event , for girls ofc you look great but for males? damn ....
  14. so trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee , they even had their microphones on sometimes , like "guys we can hear you coughing" also the music was terrible they choose the most boring OST's from the game lol , least put some two steps from hell or something lets not forget those codes...maaaaan...im going to be haunted by that for the rest of the week lol
  15. i know! i was expecting to get something good for at least once , but noooooooo....idk what hamster brained human being came with this kind of ideas........absolutely stupid
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