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  1. Name Swap Option

    You buy two name change voucher, and ask the support team to swap them. They will do it for you if you provide the name change voucher.
  2. Show off your characters!!

    Saved up enough gold to buy this outfit :) This hair goes with this outfit perfectly<3 <3
  3. Phoenix weapon skins

    WL razor
  4. Show off your characters!!

    Finally got the outfit!! The animation is amazing <3
  5. Gift

    What minimum level do you have to be to send gift in F10 (cash shop) with Ncoin?
  6. Show off your characters!!

    My new WL :D I never noticed how pretty the cerulean outfit was on Jin!
  7. Honorary Ornaments

    Yes, I'm somewhat casual player, I only calculated the number of ornaments I will need for upgrading my weapon. I don't really transmute oil or psts...
  8. Honorary Ornaments

    I have around 200+ honorary ornaments in my inventory, and was wondering if I should sell them now, or wait after patch. Please share your thoughts on if the price are going to go up or down, or stay the same. :) Thanks!
  9. What pet does the bundle come with? Was there this information in yesterday's live?
  10. Razor/Dagger skin identification help!

    I believe you get that dagger when you follow the storyline/ quest. You get it around Stillbrook Monastery area.
  11. Is there a way to turn off loading screen art?

    Yes, just minimize your screen everytime you're on loading screen and go to deviant art page if you're not satisfied ^_^. and come back when you're done loading.
  12. Tormented weapon box droprates

    Did they lower the drop rate? I got 1 box every other run, average, but this is like 3-4 weeks ago. I opened around 20~30 before I gave up and just bought brilliant silverfrost key. I ran Lair of frozen fang btw.
  13. How is the game now!

    I, myself came back few weeks ago..I quit around April last year. 1. No, they introduced new weapon path in recent patch so it's not as insane compared to before 2. I don't do arena, so I can't answer this ><;; 3, Not sure about this because I didn't play long enough to know this 4. It depends on how you view p2w; there is a trove event that is ongoing right now, which contains mats for upgrading. I think these events are not a huge disadvantages to new/returning players but it does seem p2w/ progress2win so it depends on how you view it If you made profits by crafting/ selling mats on market, then the event is "bad" but if you were hoping to upgrade by buying mats off market, I don't think it's that "bad" because you can upgrade faster with mats being really cheap atm. But for returnees, I would say it became easier to upgrade overall. This opinion is very subjected, so might disagree XD
  14. Give us something Already !

    Why don't you just play in KR server if you want to play the lvl 55 patch so much?
  15. I would just buy the character appearance change voucher if I really wanted to correct the flaws because I pesonally can't play something I don't feel satisfied. plus, leveling up in this game takes way too much time, for me also I would recommend you to make the character first and then log in to see how it looks in game before you finalize your appearance. Often, your character looks good in character selection screen/ character creating screen but you can see flaws in game I would say it would be too late to delete the character (would be waste to) is around level 30~35; when you get to cinderland.