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  1. You buy two name change voucher, and ask the support team to swap them. They will do it for you if you provide the name change voucher.
  2. Saved up enough gold to buy this outfit :) This hair goes with this outfit perfectly<3 <3
  3. Finally got the outfit!! The animation is amazing <3
  4. My new WL :D I never noticed how pretty the cerulean outfit was on Jin!
  5. Did they lower the drop rate? I got 1 box every other run, average, but this is like 3-4 weeks ago. I opened around 20~30 before I gave up and just bought brilliant silverfrost key. I ran Lair of frozen fang btw.
  6. Decided to change my Lyn WL to Jin ^_^ love her so much <3 Made her smaller/shorter and thinner than what I would usually go for xD
  7. You should try copy pasting directly (right-click image on imgur.com and then paste it on forum)
  8. Changed my main's race to Yun :D
  9. Managed to get some shots of my Lyn warlock rocking the new outfit ^_^/
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