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  1. For 3rd spec what would be a good soul badge to get? Is the Rampart badge any good?
  2. I need a skypetal remnant and im unable to claim the reward???? whats the deal or how do i claim it???
  3. I still we beat the boss and I dont get it? im confused?
  4. Okay so on the dummy I cant hit 1mill now with orbs but in combat it feels like I'm lagging so much....
  5. Why wont the game let me claim Cold Night in Shell?
  6. I cant seem to find a quest for it all the portals for it are locked and I have defeated the three mushins on floor 8 so what am I doing wrong???? I am getting frustrated as i am wasting time on the call to arms even any information would be greatly appreciated as I dont understand why all the portals are locked I have to be missing a lteer quest somewhere or something,,,,,
  7. No, I mean it physically wont let me enter the portal.
  8. After beating 8 what do i have to do to get to floor 9 there are no portals or anything what quest am i missing or...
  9. Grand celstial bangel stage 2 Skybreak ring skybreak earring awakend prophecy necklace stage 1 awakened hongmoon tailsman stage1 phoenix necklace king gloves aransu mystic badge awakened hongmoon soul true hongmoon heart awakened hongmoon pet aura awakened hongmoon tailsman stage 1 gilded triangular saphire gildened triagular emerald gilded triangular diamond gilded triangular amthest gilded triangular citrine theres my gear, btw
  10. Is the dmg counter glitched for me or what? I see i get 2 mill health point crits but my dmg says around 80k and maxes out at around 260 to 300k if i combo? Whats the deal I think even though thats not by far the best gear i should be getting around 800 k dmg a second? Any tips or tricks would be awesome also a build guide would also be nice I hear there is an overpowered build for FM but im not sure, Just feels like everyone at my level and even below tends to out dmg me by a quit a bit.
  11. Isnt it supposed to show the times the raid happens? for me it does not seem to show the times....
  12. Is there a way to drastically increase attack speed on force master? I was watching a youtube video and the person was just making it rain basically attacking so fast....
  13. I mean gold in my inventory to my gold storage?
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