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  1. 9 hours ago, Red0p said:

    Why no love for yun?

     I'd honestly love for Yun to get their unique class like every other race has.


    Lyn- summoner and BD




    Jin- Sin


    I feel like another magic (like FM) would fit them well.



  2. why are dungeon quests designed in a way that if one person leaves the entire group is screwed?


    just had a run where on the final boss someone dc'd, once the group realized they dc'd (on pull of final boss btw) 2 more left, so all but 3 of us left. now we all have to leave because NO ONE wants to come into a dungeon and do the last boss, why design the quests this way?

  3. I actually just put in a ticket about this today, tried to do my daily dungeon three times and got an afker.


    so I went and tried BG's and again got at least 1 every game with normally another one joining them after losing 2/3 of the bases :/


    idk what but there needs to be some sort of system put in place to prevent this, it's **** over players :/

  4. 20 hours ago, Showta said:

    Getting real tired of people whining like this.

    They aren't catering to Lyn players specifically and only


    If you actually pay attention, JINs have the most classes (6) while Gon and Lyn both had the least (4).
    Now that Lyn has gunner this puts them at equal class number of Yun who has 5. Gon will be the next class and it will probably share with Jin. Stop crying

    I mean if they were going to fix this imbalance, Gon and Lyn would be getting another class and Yun would get a race specific class; like destroyer, Assassin, or Summoner/blade dancer. but I still haven't seen any mention of a Yun only class, like all the other races have, so I don't think balancing numbers has anything to do with it. :/

  5. (my personal opinion)

    honestly, boosting puts you a 1-2 weapon lvl's behind lvling the hard way, however you can easily farm the mats for a weapon upgrades in other ways. So I'd say boost what you plan to main and lvl alts through casual play on the side (an hour here and there) . this is a pretty grind heavy game so getting a leg up and getting started now for your main is going to be a big help.


    As for how long it takes to lvl, if you just do the yellow "main story" quests you should be able to get done and up to the current new act in about a half a day or so, and the new act takes about 3-4 hours to finish.


    best of luck and welcome to the game

  6. 31 minutes ago, Enemy Silence said:

    Let's stop being pretentious acting as if NCSOFT did something illegal. They said in the stream that content is SUBJECT TO CHANGE. It's your own fault for investing in this "stock market" environment. You lost and you're upset. You gambled and you're negative. You got WHAT YOU PAID FOR so there is no scam. A scam would be taking your money and giving you nothing. I'm playing devil's advocate but only because i know law better then most of you and they aren't even remotely in any legal trouble here.


    As far as being anti-consumer? YES YES YES!!!! This game along with many other "free to play" games are obscenely anti consumer. This still is your fault, the consumer. It's your responsibility to decide if a deal is raw or not. They aren't guilty of false advertisement as misinformation and false advertisement are two completely different issues. You were led to believe you were going to receive a better then reasonable deal for your in game item. Before releasing a final build to you, they notified you a day early that deal would change. No contracts were signed, no binding statements were made or notarized by official entities. You aren't a share holder and you don't own property, you are entitled to nothing.


    You're not a victim of a scam, you're a victim of naivety and impulsive decision making. Had you not invested early, would you have felt slighted? The answer is no. You chose to get the jump on the competition and play the dozens. Don't mistake this post as a defense for the companies lack of consumer friendly behavior. I just hate how people misuse terms and over exaggerate extremes. If you're angry at a company for telling lies, don't lie and say they scammed you when you'd be a ignorant hypocrite like those who call people they disagree with, nazi's. 

    it might not be illegal that part I agree with you with, but they knew a lot of players were investing heavily into it and even went to far as to have radiant energy in F10 quite a few times since then, add to that the patch being less then a day away  and it looks pretty shady even to me who hasn't invested anything into it.



    Again it might not be illegal but it does come across as underhanded/scummy.