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  1. 4000 NCoins for lvl50 voucher

    When KR gave 1 free voucher to everybody and 2 for new/returning players. Great job NCWE$T $$$ :^) And what did I say? NA/EU proven again a cash grab region :^) $$$$$$
  2. BnS NA/EU is a cash grab

    From the very first time when they released Nightshade Harbor and Naryu Labyrinth, we didn't have the Pure White Seductress/mask/blindfold, Solar/Lunar Eclipse cosmetics items that were supposed to be all part of the dungeons mentioned above. We'd been asking devs what happened to these costumes since the beginning, only to find out a year later that they purposefully deleted them to sell those in trove. The way they limit content that was part of the original version of the game straight shows that they care more about $$ rather than delivering us complete Blade and Soul experience. Same thing with the wardrobe. When BnS KR first introduced wardrobe, the purpose was to solve the lack of storage issue. As a result, all the f2p players in KR, TW, and JP got to enjoy the quality of life improvement. If NA/EU devs really wanted all of us to have better gaming experience, they would have done the same thing. Instead, they went for the $$. Is there any reason why people of NA/EU should get a lesser version of the game? Is there any reason why we should be treated differently? That is, if BnS NA/EU is not a money grab.
  3. CN always do their own thing. BnS is not even run by NCSoft there.
  4. that's because they removed them when they brought Blade and Soul to NA/EU. why? $$$
  5. When NA/EU is the only region where wardrobe is not free and they remove in-game dungeon outfits and put those in trove (pure white seductress, solar/lunar eclipse). ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) These people are bold enough to lie on the producer's letter.
  6. How did NSH outfit end up in trove /giggles

    So does that mean people in NA/EU prefer paying for (they don't know how much)RNG rather than farming it for free? Otherwise, it kinda shocks me how NCWest get away with selling things that were meant to be free and customers have no complaint about it.
  7. Still no free wardrobe in west

    NA/EU is unplayable for f2p outfit collectors. Play a different region. They have a nice English patch at BnS Dojo.
  8. In KR, pure white seductress, pure white mask, and pure white blindfold are free items that you farm at NSH. And what did BnS NA/EU do to them? (facepalm) Hilarious NA/EU business mindset makes me feel so good for migrating to KR. Now you'll know where you'll find the deleted Naryu Labyrinth outfits soon. :^)
  9. The Impossible Amethyst

    classic bns na/eu. scamming people with false hope while bns kr just hands out ap gems thru story quest lol
  10. They need to improve the game KR f2p level

    Well, if you can give me a legit reason why we have to be the only region where you have to pay for wardrobe, I might try to understand. TW CN JP all have been free2play since launch and they've had free wardrobe since day 1.
  11. I migrated to KR server for free wardrobe.

    but why do they have such habit in the first place? why not let people outside of korea play their server as well?
  12. They need to improve the game KR f2p level

    It's only been like 2 weeks since I migrated to BnS KR, but the game already feels miles better than NA/EU. With the new year daily dash event and lots of new players for free2play hype, the game really got that festive atmosphere at the moment. I decided to do a 3rd character beside the 2 insta level 50 characters i received as a promotion just to refresh my memories as a newbie a while back. I was shocked when I received a 5ap Citrine at lvl 13 and a 5ap Ruby at lvl 15 from the story quests...
  13. Skip to lvl 50 voucher/ticket

    I recently migrated to BnS KR, and I received 2 vouchers for free as a promotion (promotion ends on feb 8th). It's called "jumping" in KR lol. So anyway I got 2 insta lvl 50 characters xD They're both lvl 55 now lol (HM9 and HM12).
  14. I migrated to KR server for free wardrobe.

    I'd like to try TW server too and maybe see the difference between KR and TW. I really wish BnS KR would open sign ups to everyone and not just Koreans so that everyone in NA/EU can enjoy the much better version of this game.. :(
  15. I hope they do. However, I'm really loving BnS KR I don't think I'll ever return to NA/EU. Same free2play, much less grind, more rewards and helps for newbies, 5~7 times less exp to level up (I reached HM12 in one week lol), more outfits, no deleting ingame outfits from game, free wardrobe... At this point, it makes me feel like NA/EU is almost unplayable.