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  1. ow kk thnx everyone for the help ill try to see which of all options i have that could work for me better
  2. Hi, i was wondering what kind of programs could i use to get a better ping on game. any tips please are welcome thnx.
  3. Does anyone know if the raven king soul is going to be able to send btw ur characters?
  4. does anyone have problem with friend list and F10? i have been having this problem since the patch that i was not able to look at my friend list and not been able to gift some friends from F10.
  5. hi, i have some problem with my friend list, everytime i log in since the last patch i has not been able to look at my friends from F4 or been able to gift a outfit to my gf so i was wondering if that is going to be fixed on the next maintance?
  6. well, i agree with that like why is summoner only for lyn and not for Jin or other´s
  7. Does anyone know which patch we are now?
  8. should be great if they could put the key on F10 XD, but really the drops are low i did today and yesterday all the pruple quest and not a single key
  9. I keep getting the same problem over and over. "Update error" i has already try to uninstall the game and install it again but seem like that dont work, i keep getting the error update... pls anyone HELP ME what should i do?
  10. Does Anyone know if we are going to have some trove event in the coming weeks?
  11. ow thnx very much for the help
  12. and the clock? does it spawn from 90% 60% and 30% at the same places?
  13. so the new patch are going to give us less corrupted shamans at 60% and 30%. so my question is how many corrupted shamans will spawn at 60% and 30% and which clock will they spawn? pls help me!
  14. how to insert a screenshoot to forum i has already try pressing (insert other media) but it still dont work
  15. like im not talking about points right now, im talking about rank like they should put rank and normal pvp in different options so they who want to troll and afk and still want to get points can go on normal pvp btw the other who actually want to get a higher elo should get the potion for rank pvp
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