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  1. Ill keep you up to date! In fact, this will help all newcomers. I have something many people lack off. Patience and a schedule. I know the struggles of grinding. im from BDO, so... not concerned about LFP or stuff, im very sociable lmao
  2. Reading this post make me download BnS... Some well argumented people changed my mind about the p2w rumors that revolves when you look up for BnS... Also, does anyone remmeber the times were MMos were selling rare items(semi custom) that werent obtainable if you didnt put money to buy it? Who remember that era of gaming, that my friend was PAY 2 WIN. Not buying a stupid x2 exp or 10% drop rates or dungeon tickets or runs. As someone i read in this post said, people want to put no effort and get the big reward. It seems pointless to me for people keep debating this. If you can't buy a weapon that give you stats or a cosmetics that give you stats for dps, defense, evasion, etc then is not pay 2 win at all. Dunno why people discuss that pay2 progress pay 2 what ever. This is the same as paying for a flight, you both payed, but the one who pays the most gets to sit in a better seat and get better food. you both eated, you both flyed, each one of you as long as you wallet reaches, same goes with this game as far as i cna read, The more you play, the more you get(you cna get lucky and get alot in the first month, same as you can get lucky and get the pilot to decide to put you in first class because, why not? ) is a matter of perspective. MMORPG are and will always be, a game for grinders, if you cant grind you ass off, you dont get max gear. Is simple maths. If you have problems with the times it takes and you consider your self a grinder, then this game isn't for you. Not because of it, people start to talk trash. PS: Dont mind my comment, im new and downloading the game ATM. I'll give it a try.