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  1. I am well aware of this fact. Until NCSoft/west decides to revert this change we are stuck with the crafting that I mentioned above.
  2. You can craft the onyx scales for a few processed mats, metal, and rare elements. You need to be Forgekeepers for it. This is probably the easiest way to farm for them.
  3. It didnt stop working. Its just that whenever there is a trove they disable daily dash for trove. Once trove is done daily dash will return.
  4. There is already a thread about this. Anyways the answer is that you can A. Craft the onyx Scales with I think forgekeepers and B. you can farm mushin's floor 16-20 for yunsang prayer beads to then trade them in for mushin's tower supply box from Kangcha who is located next to the vault in mushin's tower.
  5. Its not for a weird reason sadly. Leveled up accessories from Sovereign cores and below, including TT have been phased out for a few months now. There is no reason to think DB would have a stage accessory of a phased out system.
  6. As the topic suggests this is about the synthweave weapon illusion weapon for DB. There is no model for it. Is there any talk about this getting implemented?
  7. Awakening was about around Warden release. I personally dont mind mech dungeons. What I do mind is when I die from mechs as a tank because people just want to dps monke. That killed tanking and playing with ranodms in F8 for me. I do what i can solo and with a small team of friends.
  8. Awakening patch is what killed it for me but the combat is what keeps me bound to this game. Then you also got them pushing for more P2W cash cow events like a year after awakening patch. Fortune's Favor and that weird bingo lottery thing. So instead of RNG boxes into trove its just RNG Boxes, Fortune's Favor, Trove, Weird bingo thing.
  9. My dude I am just saying this game will revert to being dead if thats the case. I dont know about you but I missed when BnS actually had a good bit of players and I'd like to stay as is. Edit: The players staying is what I want to stay as is. Not the part about missing when we had a good bit of them.
  10. Thats the thing though. New players and returning will most likely quit once they realize how much they truly need and how painfully slow it is to get them now.
  11. I have read the patch notes so forgive me if I missed anything or forgot. Anyways no reason to be dick about it, I had just checked and yea it is only from daily quests not dynamics which is what i got wrong. Anywho, yea it definitely seems a lot worse than what it used to be with Elder Scales being the way it is now or any scales for that matter. Should have just kept it as a drop or even put it into the dynamic would have been nice.
  12. A bit confused on this thread. I've been doing easy mode dungeons for CTA on my DB and out of everything above HM and CM gives 4 scale fragment selection chest for Elder, Nocturnal and shimmering. Elder scale frags is like 4 per box or something from the dynamic.
  13. Bug fixes do come with the weekly routine maintenance though. What you are asking for is an emergency maintenance for bugs and hotfixes. Again they do this stuff with the routinely maintenance we get every week.
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