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  1. Tormented Weapon Drop Rate

    I found a password : Drop 2x tormented weapon box from dungeons (Yeti , Liar or Necro) after buy a tormented weapon from Dragon store. Open together with hongmoon key! %100 success. I tried with 3x char. First or second box giving your character weapon.. But box drop rate is low, problem is continue..
  2. Pet appearance

    I ve got a legendary pet. How i change its appearance? Ghost > Griffin
  3. Tormented Weapon Drop Rate

    Very low. The game is not progressing.
  4. Req for Black Tower

    If all member know mechs, 700+ap is enough (Basic).. Normally : 750+ Recommended : 800+
  5. I have a lot of time.. But where is the other 23 man? I never do it with 750AP.. I guess the servers need to be rejoined one more time.
  6. It's not just destroyers, incorrect information. Many players can not find the skybreak raven party. Only some clans are doing it. If they do not invite you to party for being a destroyer, you can set up a party with the remaining destroyers. The problem is not dps, if you have not any buff, they exclude you. Nearly all the party members will be only assassin and warlocks. Ncsoft must nerf them.. We cant find party!
  7. Is there a way to turn off loading screen art?

    For example: If i go Ebondrake Citadel, İ want to see picture or guides about dungeon. But i am going there i saw winner contest picture or MSP/other regions/guide picture. Black screen or Splash picture best ever.
  8. Is there a way to turn off loading screen art?

    The success of one should not prevent others from disturbing the eye. I do not think these pictures fit the game. Why then was not all changed? Also you can not say them: " Tab out from game, Leave from game etc"
  9. Is there a way to turn off loading screen art?

    Yes i want to delete new loading pictures. New pictures are very childish. I dont like them. Black screen can be better than them. Are we playing Blade and Soul or it is not clear in the wonders of Pepee's Wonderland :D Ncsoft should do some better quality work.
  10. Will wardrobe be free on 12 april?

    I am spending golds for p2w events. So i cant buy premium. I play for fun. Costumes also add color to this entertainment. Wardrobe is a part of premium that misses the taste of fun. The costumes are free but the wardrobe is for money :)
  11. Show off your characters!!

    I think I look like Leonardo. :)
  12. Don't add the jump to 50 event

    He is right. Jumping from 1 to 50 may cause too many problems except for the purpose. (Server lag/bots)
  13. Galaxy is awful

    They can gain from Arena matchs. But for second question "no comment :)"
  14. Galaxy is awful

    If the weapon needed to enter battleground is galaxy, this job may be improved. A small arrangement will be made: Requirement Weapon - Galaxy :)
  15. Ap for dungeons

    Yes i never see hm11 500ap char.. who is this crazy? :) -"Hey hm11 500 ap man, dont come my party please."