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  1. 50HM8 character 450ap!!! daily 20-30x farm liar-den not coming this weapon. I have all tormanted for other characters. Since 10 days farming continue. I will leave soon from game.. I bored. Weapon box coming but weapon not!!
  2. Nerf Unlimited Destroyer and Blade Dancer tab spins.. They dont take Daze,Knockdown,Stun and damage. They using macro. They doing atack+Stun atack+stun with animation cancel macros.. Did not finish.. Be proud..
  3. Ryzen 7 1800X > Intel i7 6950X .. You can look benchmark test.. You need to see single core performance for Blade and soul. Others for multiprocessors. (New generation games)
  4. Correct detection. I totally agree with you. This problem needs to be solved. You are losing so much time because of this bug. My main character WL. I am starting with full hp and without debuff. Why summoners starting without cat or debuffed cat? It's not fair..
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