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  1. Hongmoon items Gone

    Awakened Scorpio/Yeti/Python: attack power - 100 additional dmg - 49 crit chance - 1730 crit dmg -1632 pierce - 721 accuracy - 721 evasion - 721 block - 721 Pinnacle: attack power - 92 additional dmg - 30 crit chance - 1807 crit dmg -1078 pierce - 617 accuracy - 617 evasion - 617 block - 617 Also easy to get and no gold wasted on upgrade. Quite good conditions for new players, imho. Most of them had infernal accessories till silverfrost anyways (changing then to oathbraker from story-quests).
  2. Hongmoon items Gone

    And believe me, new accessories are way better than old ones: Pinnacle is on par with Awakened Scorpio/Yeti but waaaaay easier (and cheaper) to get. Same goes for other accessories. Just forget about hongmoon ones.
  3. Hongmoon items Gone

    You didn't read the article mindfully, did you? The accessory path changes only impact new characters, who will see a change in the items they receive. New users will obtain the new Sterling/Ivorymoon accessories through epic quests, while existing characters will keep their current accessories. Existing characters can also acquire the new Ivorymoon accessories from the Silverfrost Valor Stone Trader NPC in Grand Harvest Square for 10 Silverfrost Valor Stones each. You can no longer get hongmoon accessories - in-game upgrade path is only for those who already have them. And was not removed only 'cause new accessories can't be upgraded at all. The first upgradable accessory you can get is legendary or elemental. What you get instead you can find under "Accessories" section in the article.
  4. Hongmoon items Gone

    Did you even try reading this? It states clearly that you'll no longer get hongmoon stuff from story-line quests. Instead you're getting powered up (but not upgradable) weapons and accessories (all accessories are blue ones).
  5. Login problem?

    This happens when Client.exe is still running - just kill it through Task Manager.