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  1. Victory Token Why unable to trade?

    so no way for anyone to get the other badge from victory season other then 1) spending ungodly amounts of cash on trove or 2) waiting nearly a year for fragments to pop up on f10 often enough to be able to possibly get it. wow, GL dev team......
  2. Blade & Soul is officially p2w

    Only read half the posts in this forum, and all i just want to say stop crying. Over the last few years, more and more starting gear given that most of the folks in VT gear had to earn. On top of that, this event gives a lot to folks that are able to get what parts they can done. Other then the wings, most of the items you get with higher tier coin are not needed atm to lower geared/new/casual players. Take the steel for instance...... or the celestial wings...... not needed for 99% of the a fore mentioned people who only been playing for a month or barely play at all. Most of those people need just the lower coin to get the oils and or pet pods. and you can get 3 coins a day per alt that has a r3 with ease and just story given items. all 8 baby alts to it with no issue and the oils will be sent to my main. takes no time at all, 10min tops per toon. stop crying your not being handed some silly red wings.
  3. Unknown skill or proc

    What is this skill or proc? Never seen a skill d with the same name, more over have i seen a proc with that same name. What is it, maybe something not converted to English name?
  4. event gone bad

    Last years dead bird day event was far better over all. got the stupid costume last year about 13-14 times. but this year, the wheel pouch is dropping slightly fewer times % wise, and 4/5 is a ugly costume that most do not want. RNG of the icky food dropping then 5 kills of NS was far easier then how they have it this year also. for new players who want the achieve on all alts, they wont be opening any feast cause they also wont have the gold to waste on f5 for getting more mats (curse of any new player in any MMO). over all, not impressed with the so called "doing what the players want" changes to the event. now, the 3 table idea is kinda nifty, it is nice that there is a chance at steel from elder table, but instead of boxes you open with fragments (main beef is because the ones for elder are bound to the toon that got them) it really limits now many you can even try. last year it was craft+synth then open. this year is like 3 extra steps making it not as bountiful and then the RNG chance is to high for costume, then a waste when trying to get a small ap boost on a alt...... GJ...... NS spam is fast n easy, was no need to make the crafted mats needed for the ap achieve.....
  5. to bad many players do not look at forums, and many who do, do not spread the word. what they should do is send a in game letter to every one. 2 ways to do that idea, either actual mail or scroll in quest tab. either way would get the word out there faster and make it so no player can try and pull a fast one on dev's by playing the dumb dumb card saying they didnt know, or never got word about something.
  6. Show Off Your Warden

    Well, the free slot is gone, not to worried on that one. However, i deleted a toon not knowing the max is now 11 cause the voucher for 400 still says max of 10. whats going to happen if i try and get one and such?
  7. 4 tomestone shots? F shot is gone.

    playing a gunner, still get my 5 to 6 bulletstorms off NP (5 or 6 depending on if badge is used or not) however, it is annoying that bosses drop the debuff here n there. but over all, not that bad of a change. the worst part is some of the other bugginess i didn't not see mentioned, like the unload that might be over the bulletstorm sometimes, causing you to lose a volley. as for the badges, done general myun with limitless, eon, legacy, and legacy still higher dmg over all provided you actually have the timing down so you do not lose a volley.
  8. ping is ping, scripts do not alter ping. that being said, this game is all ping related for dps. i have seen whaled up FMs with half the gems being guilded, aransu 6, and very well rolled VT ss do much less dps then raven 9 FMs with hept gems. and i knew both parties personally. it was not better DPS on the lower geared FM due to scripts, he had better dps due to having half the ping and a good rotation that the higher whaled FM was still getting a handle on. 50ms can = 50k+ dps differences in some situations. also cases where someone thought they had great gear, but they had 0 acc on any ss, so they really didnt have great numbers cause of that, specially in the higher dungeons. again, sucked because they had no idea what was what, not cause of someone scripting. there are lots of videos out there of people showing rotation and hand work as they do it showing its not scripts. its PING PING PING PING, and FPS that is 60+ and steady helps a great deal also. there is a gunner that plays from Australia, better gear then me, yet i do way more dps cause they have 400ms constantly and im under half that. now, if you read all the UA and CoC and such for those who are going into tournaments, or going esport events as part of NCsoft events, like battle brawl, they enforce no macro/no script rules. you have to use the equipment they provide. and you can watch those live and see how fast they can do the skills and reactions, they have next to 0 ping at those things. now if you want to complain on something, complain on people who seem to have 2+ unloads go off at once in 6v6, now thats not scripts, but something fishy is going on with that.
  9. have other pics also, but i gained 1, and they left 5 sec before match ended
  10. and there is no banning on whales lol (the biggest offenders) have sent in video and pics of when they leave, how often they leave and such, and they still do it and still in matches.
  11. ok, i know not all who leave, left of own accord, but most who leave end of match, are. but most DCs can be fixed by reseting DNS and also fluching ipg logs here n there. after the devs told me to do those, i do then about x1 a week and most of that is gone. was bad for 2weeks and was only me, so i wrote the devs. not i DC in 6v6 maybe 3-4 times a week, and thats over 100+ matches a week
  12. Anyone else tired of Duo's where one is super low rank and other mega huge whaled up getting into low rank matches in 6v6 for easy kills and wins? Anyone else tired of that lower rank person leaving the match to stay low rank, right before the match ends, lowering the rank lost or raising the rank gained by the partner? Anyone else tired of matches where multiple people leave right at the end making it so you only gain 2? something needs to be done about smurfing and the exploit. over 3 matches, each on opposite side of the exploit, easy 90 lost. this is a serious issue and you start seeing it more n more the higher in the ranks you go. some ideas for fixes: 1) when someone leaves match after 800 points on either team, does not affect rank gained or lost 2) both people in a duo get -rank for when 1 DCs 3) as part of number 2, and more for the solo players who have a tissy fit and leave, raise the amount of rank lost back to 30 or even higher like it used to be 4) add a timer so folks cant get back in as fast if they leave a match, like 30min CD so there are atleast 2 matches they cant get into and mess things up for others 5) totally remove points being changed positive or negative for someone leaving either side of the match. those that stay should not be punished for others leaving on either side. would love to hear other ideas, or see screenshots of when folks have points altered (please remember to block out names)
  13. 6v6 exploit

    anyone else tired of the exploit that causes you to lose 25-30 rank points so they gain more? you know, when they force a DC right before the win so the computer reads the match as 5v6 so they gain more points, and if they are losing they lose less and you gain less? why is that even a thing to have more points gained or lost that can be exploited? oh, how about when someone goes in with an alt, does not fight and then DCs or stays to bring down others who have same class as that alts main toon? im not a bad player, usually more kills or captures, some matches more dmg and kills then whole rest of the team put together, but i still lose 25+ points cause of stuff like this. anyone else thinking there is a need for a revamp on scoring in 6v6? anyone have some ideas? i do, sent them into the dev also, but they say they need players to write in the forums before they care enough to make any changes, even if they make sense. so please, share you thoughts on this sort of stuff, share your ideas on how it can be done better.
  14. 6v6 and DCing, anyone else?

    come on folks, the more folks that say they have the issue, the more likely something will be done about it. you got a friend who mentioned it, tell them to write about it on here
  15. Really?

    there is always crafting orb from radiant ring, its what i still do cause of weapon and soul (just weapon now, soul maxed) i also get a fair amount of then with mats farming basin bosses for key fragments, each time i go into that room its an orb.