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  1. Login server down? EU

    Yaaaaaaaaaahoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! The GAME IS BAAAAAAAAACK!!
  2. Login server down? EU

    Hi Guys, I don't think the issue is because of Etisalat, the mentioned port (6600) is not blocked! What are you doing is testing the port forwarding of 6600 on your own pc, which will be always blocked. I've checked using the same website but I've entered the host IP as the BNS authentication server ( and it was open. Also I used the PsPing to ping the Auth server on port 6600 and below is the result of this ping: PsPing v2.10 - PsPing - ping, latency, bandwidth measurement utility Copyright (C) 2012-2016 Mark Russinovich Sysinternals - www.sysinternals.com TCP connect to 5 iterations (warmup 1) ping test: Connecting to (warmup): from 192.168.*.*:53420: 250.02ms Connecting to from 192.168.*.*:53421: 241.71ms Connecting to from 192.168.*.*:53423: 248.16ms Connecting to from 192.168.*.*:53424: 242.67ms Connecting to from 192.168.*.*:53426: 245.24ms TCP connect statistics for Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss), Minimum = 241.71ms, Maximum = 248.16ms, Average = 244.44ms From above I've received a response from the mentioned server, which clearly indicate that the port is not blocked from Etisalat. And this will lead us that the issue is at BNS side! Where we, as UAE players, deserver an official response from BNS about this issue, or they need to return what we spent on this game if they are not willing to help or explain.
  3. Login server down? EU
  4. Login server down? EU

    My ping didn't go above 125ms without the VPN connection. Try to connect using a direct wire from the FTTH router to your PC and create a PPPoE connection in Windows and connect using your username and password and see if this will improve the ping. If not, try to restart the router (ftth) multiple times and see if the ping would improve after a couple of restarts. If not, they you have to live with it. :( I would agree with you, because when I ping the server, I got a reply, so if the server is blocked then the ping will time out? What do you think?
  5. Login server down? EU

    How about someone to draft a letter to Etisalat, and we can mention that we pay lots of money for this game and if they are not willing to fix it, they should indemnify us for what we paid, and then to send this email all at once. So, they will feel that it is a serious issue.
  6. Login server down? EU

    I don't mind to call Etisalat on this regard, but we need the details, like the ports, Destination IP address and the protocol (TCP/UPD), etc. I use Hotspot Shield and I connect from any EU countries. Please note that the ping is so bad when connecting using the mentioned VPN (144 - 153 ms) :(