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  1. Depends on what your focus will be in the game, however i'd avoid taking a grab class ( grab is useless in a duo setting ). If you want to be sure both of you will be always welcome in a 4man dungeon group, have top notch duo for 6v6 and by far the best farm option ( SSP - best resource income ingame ) roll WL+Sin. But if those don't suit your playstyle, really, pick anything except Destroyer (pve joke of the game) and have fun with it.
  2. 1. The difference in naksun runs is gain:time ratio. Given equal gear level, over the same period of time a class that can do a F13-15 run (including loading screens and atrium staircase climb ) in 4-5 minutes will pull ahead over a class that can do it in 6-8 minutes. By a whole lot. 2. SSP is not about the loot kiddo, it's about 500PP ss boxes. Given equal gear, overlord classes get 1 more of those per regular mining cycle than B-class dpsers. Which means that every 30 minutes they get 10+G and additional lottery ticket for 75+g more (assuming SS crit is 10% of the time it
  3. He has every right to use that to compare dps. Solo dungeons/contribution content (naksun/ssp) are by far the most efficient way of upgrading your character and it's actually there, not standard dungeons, where a characters dps really matters. Damage meters mean jack squat, WL is at the point where he can have true breeze and will still contribute more to a 4m group than a random maxgeared dps class.
  4. Agree, I don't see a serious issue with des in equalized arena. The only *bad* aspect of des pvp is 6v6 where their grab is so damn inferior to BDs grip.
  5. I've re-read this whole thread including my previous posts, and as much as I try, I can't fathom what kind of logic made you arrive at these conclusions. Yeah but here's the deal: destro C is the only "iframe for the sake of Iframe" skill. Iframes on 1 (lolyeahright), 2 and E have / V block have other uses. Other classes have to sacrifice some skill effects for iframes too, yes, but they are mobile while dpsing, have short cooldown Q/E/blocks or access to a Godmode button. If you expect a destro to do his job properly ( double stun joints, using E on dps opportunity not as an iframe),
  6. Except this one, at least not in the way you are seeing it. Class skill changes that we are getting are balanced around asian gear level, which leads to things such as fire BM dps abomination and Des misery. There is no balance in EU/NA BNS.
  7. But that is a fallacy. Once the game learning curve is done the innate defense bonus destroyers have starts becoming irrelevant (even moreso when we include pet defensive bonus). It's true tabspin is a great defensive tool, it can be easily compared to block/counter/Q/E other classes have, but it's 0sec cooldown is more than offset negatively by Des having no Godmode button in form of prolonged iframes. Classes have to be judged based on their max capacity, not players on their learning curve. Yeah, future gear. Gear that will come out mid 2017 if they push content REALLY hard. I'
  8. But wait, there's more! Come Midnight Plains the rest of the pack will pull even further ahead. Wrath contributes to, give or take, 15% of a destroyers damage total (assuming no soulburn), which makes the legendary 3piece bonus a truly astounding 1,5%damage increase. That doesn't get them anywhere close to the 2nd lowest damage dealer even if the destroyer has the leg ss and the other person does not. It really shows in how deep misery the class is atm, and how unimaginably bad it will be after the next patch.
  9. That's cute. Not that i do not agree, because I do. But due to EU/NA content philosphy nothing will be done about it. Destroyers will keep on being the utter worst class in every single aspect of PvE in this game for quite a long time to come. Deal with it, reroll or quit.
  10. Being able to do *something significant* while grabbing could be a legitimate solution, but due to EU/NA strictly following the asian skill paths nothing of sorts will be implemented. End of discussion. Purpose of this thread was not to beg for a buff because there will be none. This is just a fair warning. Unless for the next X months of gaming you are ok with: 1. Advancing your character slower than your peers, 2. Being aware that unless you're overgeared you are a hinderance to any kind of group you are in, REROLL NOW
  11. Having that badge working with type2 Smash would mean a world to current destro status nonetheless. They're not getting the 20f badge anytime soon. But i guess ncsoft forgot about ded class.
  12. BD offers superior grab, more consistent crowd control, more personal damage and a party-wide immunity. Why would you ever bring a des over bd, I mean seriously...
  13. Most, if not all group compositions will do any 4man content easily unless there's a call for specific mechanic ( like stealth in ebon or not really necessary, but very useful grab in desolated ). But assuming you want a 4m group in which you can comfortably roll through any dungeon (at this moment, can't really speak about future mechanic requirements) without being overgeared for it (like most pugs expect you to be) you'll want: a Tank ( BM or KFM ), a bluebuff ( KFM or asn ), a stealth (summ or sin), a Warlock and optionally a grab. My pick for the very best possible 4m group comp
  14. To my understanding (don't know this first hand) a big part of that wrath uptime and holding RMB in asian servers is the soul badge that enables wrath after form 2 Smash. The one that they currently have not working properly, the one that you can't really be 100% sure will ever get fixed if NCS forgot to fix it alongside the soulfighter breeze kick badge. Either way the catching up process will be extremely slow if any at all. Since the combination of Gear and Skill stats in EU/NA is unprecedented in asia, even after Midnight plains des will be far behind. Yes, they will get new stuff but
  15. How about all 3 bosses in Ebondrake can be grabbed by BD more often than by des, last boss in Desolated Tomb has 2 openings in the first 10% of the fight for a BD but only 1 for a des. Is that cold storagy enough ? Also, there's the thing when BD can actually reliably grab on very short openings, at which des needs help. Also, there's the thing when BDs grab is INFINITELY more intimidating in owpvp. How can anyone still see Des as the king of grabs is beyond me. The only realistic scenario when you want a Destroyer to grab over a BD is when they're in the same
  16. See, here's the deal. You lack reading comprehension skills, are generally ignorant to what other people are saying and/or a troll. There is no other alternative. No destroyer complains about PURE DPS damage meter garbage. But clearing Naksun in a minute vs 2 minutes, doing a full door-to-door naksun run in 5 minutes vs 7 minutes means that after an hour of naksun runs, the destroyer player is behind on upgrade materials. Getting 2 500pp pouches vs 1 500pp pouch from a standard mining means the destroyer player is behind on upgrade materials. Getting 4 500pp pouches vs getting 2 and
  17. Speaking of the Wrath soul badge, sources from KR state that it should trigger from both type 1 and type 2 smash (triggering wrath every 18 seconds could prove decent). It's funny how they ninja fixed the Soul Fighter badge ASAP and totally forgot to fix the destroyer one. Just shows how deeply they don't care.
  18. Glad the thread became readible again despite hate troll attempts. See here's the deal. It's true that not many fights allow for back to back grabs, but BDs cheat the 30 second cooldown during which another window often appears, even if not right away. You can't possibly still claim destros are grab kings with that soul badge around. And I repeat for the N-th time, its not about DPS in dungeons / group content e-peen meter. It's about being SIGNIFICANTLY less efficient at real farming: SSP / Naksun / any other future content with similar mechanics.
  19. OK I'm going to have to clear some things up: 1. If this game was all about group content and fair loot share your post would stand to reason. But it's not. Personal dps is not some epeen measure contest but holds real value in terms of progress. At this very moment, group dungeons provide a sliver of required upgrade materials and coin. Real material / gold farming solely depends on your personal efficiency. So Destroyers, even at equal gear, are worse off than other classes. But also they farm less efficient so they upgrade slower. They fall even more behind, and the gap wid
  20. 1. While Fury Emberstomp burst can be sufficient for smalltime SSP mobs, the real deal (profit:time) is killing the berserker. And there, true sustain dps shines. I mean sustain dps of other classes ofc. 2. Wrong about naksun. Legitimate classes in endgame gear rarely kill him in more than 50 seconds. Whereas it took on average 1:30 for my Des. But naksun is not the rooster-blocker here, Ironheart is. Destros can't possibly cheat his mechanics or burn him before they trigger and have to go through the robots.
  21. Sure, 2 things though: 1. Lowest DPS should come with a bonus, something that's unique and makes the setback worth. Destro grab is useless for solo "monetary" farm content and BDs offer a better one for group content - whether it's dungeons or 6v6, while being superior in other fields as well. 2. Question of scale. This is not 28k dps vs 30k dps comparison. The difference is so significant it's just plain funny. Similarly geared people will score up to 80% more PP from berserker kills and do full door-to-door (including out-of-combat loading times and tower atrium stair
  22. Unless your focus in the game is equalized arena ( 1v1 3v3 ), you're playing the absolutely worst class in the game. No competition. In almost every single aspect. Hands down the worst DPS ingame, and, this has to be said, even on fights that don't allow for a grab. Yes, even when you're going all out with your anicancels and don't support your party in any other way, you'll still be outvalued by significantly lesser geared people. What does that mean for you ? 1. By far the lowest PP contribution in SSP. 2. By far the slowest Naksun runs. Yes, given equal amount of
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