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  1. You're acting like destoryers are ultimate pvp gods winning tournaments left and right and dominating ladders with 50%+ presence in top 100. Why would they need to sacrifice pvp viability for pve viability otherwise ? And for you I don't have a legitimate answer, you're either clueless, ignorant or a troll. There is no 4th option here.
  2. BD outdamages BM atm In a world where BM doesn't tank it's still better than destroyer ( higher damage + party iframe ) and sf ( party iframe )
  3. Yeah this is what I was talking about. How did that screen enable this much of a discussion, it means nothing. Next thing people will say is that destro is OP dps because they saw 2 of them top the meter at stage 1 turtle. Clueless.
  4. What I find totally mindblowing about these discussions is that there are still people who try to defend or find positive aspects to current Des situation in pve. Taking 2 destros in your raid because they are smart/skilled guys ? How is that even a relevant argument, it's obvious you'd rather these same 2 players on ANY other class. Picking 860+ AP des over 550-600 AP Warlock ? Why would a reasonable person ever compare the viability of someone straight out the storyline to someone who dedicated months, if not years now into the game. Picking Des over BD for some extra c
  5. You shouldn't get your hopes up too much. All of the said "balance" assumed legendary bracelets and F20 badges would be availible, and according to the "future of bns" stream they won't be here for quite some time. I've said this multiple times, due to EU/NA not following a proper item progression : skillpatch path destroyers won't catch up to other classes anytime soon. I'm sorry :(
  6. @Zaign This has been said over and over again. One thing to add though, is there was really no pressure on them to even acknowledge the balance issue - to the point where Babbletron was shameless enough to comment on Des current situation as "I like it because it has a big axe" and "provides critical utility to the party". Back to the topic of BDs though - welcome our new rabbit DPS overlords.
  7. I missed the memo where any online game should be balanced around mediocre-geared people playing on servers across the ocean. As for the dps discussion the truth is that at the moment under fair conditions all the classes are more or less balanced damage-wise, with the flow of the fight being the main factor as for who comes out on top. By that I mean: fight mechanics, targets mobility, timing of buffs etc. Except for FMs on soulburn, because they're insane, and destroyers, because they suck.
  8. This is just not true. At this very mooment (pre-patch) they're almost hanging up there with the top dogs due to 8pc turtle + elemental earring and vastly outclassing destroyers in every single PvE field. Get your facts straight.
  9. See, I found the root of our miscommunication - we are simply playing a different game. In the game I play: Class bias exists both in f8 and msp. If people don't want to carry dead weight and spend even a split second longer because of that while doing content X then I have no right to judge them. People don't "get wrecked by Terrors" (or berserkers for that matter) anymore. Neither do they SSP for "getting kill credit". They do SSP for multiple 500pp reward boxes each mining. There, DPS is all that matters, because it directly influences how much soulstones ( =gold ) the
  10. Warlock checks out all your expectations, I highly suggest you do that. edit. Sorry part of your post must have slipped my attention. Yeah, stick with Assassin, it's good all around. Warlock requires less ingame effort though.
  11. This argumentation would have made sense for a single player game or a game with no competetive aspect. But that is not the case here, is it ? DPS / support capabilities directly influence the amount of effort you put into upgrading your character, the amount of time you put into running dungeons etc. Some classes are more welcome to 24man content (turtle and future ones) than others. That is OK in your opinion? Having to look for a dungeon group longer than another person just because he rolled a better class is also perfectly fine? Gaining significantly less resource
  12. As for the questions about destroyers defensive skills - S4 Emberstomp and S3 Shield (in this particular topic in MSP, but also anywhere else in general). Lets forget they have only 8m radius (which, in heat of the battle, and especially at turtle, is not whole lot). The real issue with them is pretty simple: Party-wide Iframes are better. That's it. No "when"s, no "if"s, no "but"s. Period. Which means a Force Master, Assassin/Summoner, Blademaster/Bladedancer party protection is infinitely superior. Why not add a destroyers party protection as a 4th backup ? Because not in MS
  13. How nice to hear a such sound and well-argumented opinion. However, let me retort: 1. It's not "their turn" because it's been "their turn" for well over half of this games life cycle in EU/NA now. 2. Summoners "got rekt" - What you meant was "had their power level brought down significantly, but within reason", and I totally agree with you. 3. Blade Masters are not "getting smashed". As the gear progression goes on, most other classes will be brought to their level, not the other way around.
  14. Unless HM grab can be only obtained with lvl55 content collectibles/currency. But that won't ever happen, because NCsoft takes eu/na situation into consideration while designing skill changes, right? Right? Which brings me to my point. Yes, the skill changes are definitely not at the final build stage, however we WILL get them before the lvl55 content, most likely with gunslinger global release. And, this can't be emphasized enough, they will NOT take into consideration that class X is utter trash, or that class Y is currently way above the curve. That is the
  15. You misunderstood then. Up until BT raid gear destroyers are super trash tier. That's maybe ~3-4 content patches ahead, depending on how they release it. Combine that with even fewer encounters having openings for grabs and you're welcome in the realm of misery. Another interesting thing - with the new announcements about new class / hm skill system came a rumour that EU/NA will be getting it really close after KR (just like it got SF and WL before content they came out with in KR ). In that scenario, all the changes will be again balanced around KR current gear progress, an
  16. In none of my posts ever did I say Des were bad in equalized pvp ( 1v1/3v3 ). We were talking exclusively about 6v6. WWV ratings seriously skewed now, 4 days after rating reset when everyone is still 24/7ing MSP, but sure, lets even take that into consideration. So look again at Beluga and WWV top 100 and tell me Are Destroyers are really THE cancer? If you look closely you'd see 2 other classes that deserve that word way more than destros. In 6v6, destroyers are Average.
  17. Destroyers are on gardening duty only because it's a waste to put them on the turtle. Other classes do gardening better, but they are also more welcome in main dps role. Perfect turtle raid would have exactly 0 destroyers. And it's already happening by the way. All the consistent stage1-6 PUGs I've seen so far are "LF 700+ WL/buff/dps". Meaning 700+ [any class but destroyer].
  18. But I AM talking about NOW. Turtle shields are NOW. There are people with 5pc sets already. KFMs with 5pc set do some crazy magic (witnessed myself). The patch we have NOW, that went live 4 days ago, actually nerfed destroyers in comparison to other classes except for BMs and Sums. Log into the game. Press F11. Check top 100 for Beluga and WWV. Get back to me your conclusions.
  19. Yes, your personal dps was lower than BMs, but that difference was within reason. You were still top notch 13-15f runners. And even when you didn't tank in group setting, you still provided bluebuff, searing palm and tremor, which legitimized your slightly-off damage contribution. In case of destroyers the damage difference is huge. And when they don't do their utility role in group setting (because there's a better grabber or the fight simply doesn't allow it) destroyers provide nothing at all to the party, they in fact slow it down. Please don't compare KFMs to Des because that's j
  20. And this is where you lost all your credibility as a participant in this discussion. Skill change patches EU/NA is getting are balancing around Asian progress level. This lead to the EU/NA Blademaster abomination. Their patches buffed BM skill damage multipliers so much because BMs were getting, relatively to other classes, lesser of a boost from soulshield sets / soulbadges / items. But We got the buffed BM skills with none of that. EU/NA is not receiving ANY skill balance patches revolving around EU/NA region environment. And it damn well should. That's literally the
  21. But you see, your logic is flawed. Destroyers don't want to be the highest DPS class. They just don't want to see an equally geared and equally skilled character do 130-140% of their damange on a fight without grab (that means that beside lowest damage, they did not contribute ANY kind of suport to the party). Surviving doesn't bring anything of use to the table. And by no means they are the most survivable class by the way. Not to mention their utility role is done better ( grip reset cd ) by a class that also outdamages them that also supports the party with prolonged p
  22. Well, he pretty much confirmed what I've been saying all along. Destroyers won't get any buffs because of EU/NA situation and will remain unprecedented trash tier in PvE. Situation will improve with Black Tower gear, which is 6 months away at the very least. If your main activity in the game is not 1v1 / 3v3 - reroll now or quit the game. Those are the only 2 options that are actually healthy for you as a person. ps The thing about Des role in group being extremely valuable is just a spit in the face for any aware Destro player.
  23. I disagree, a bonus of +50% to wrath and +500% to emberstomp wouldn't interfere with aggro at all and wouldn't even be enough. Check your damage meter, do a little math. On a regular fight (party comp/solo, mechanics, rotations, target mobility, dps openings are variables) your wrath damage contributes to give or take 15% total damage, emberstomp to 1,5% damage. Let's say you deal a total of 1mil damage. ~150k comes from wrath, ~15k comes from emberstomp, 835k other sources. Now if we add the potential bonus of super-uber-OP-buffed turtle shield (+50%wrath dmg +500
  24. I think y'all got him wrong, he clearly misspelled the word Tickling.
  25. Destroyers will not receive any skill changes that would temporary help them while waiting for future content in EU/NA. It's not going to happen. End of story. You're just wasting your time. One thing they could do however is change the Turtle shield. As of tomorrow Destroyers are going to fall even more behind other classes as their turtle 3 and 8 piece set bonuses are even better. A buff to Turtle shield would not change the pvp aspect at all and wouldn't threaten the future balance since it's going to be replaced eventually (by stuff that m
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