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  1. Balance in pve? "lel stop crying about pve" Cheats in pve? "lel stop crying noone cares about cheats in pve only pvp matters" It's funny how the pvpers consider themselves 200IQ alpha brains, yet they have issues comprehending a simple fact that 95% of the playerbase doesn't give a damn about pvp and considers bns a strictly pve game (with occasional bruteforcing 1400rank in BGs for season rewards).
  2. Random weekday 1am. Go do shrine daily before sleep. See a bot train running to the entry infinitely. Wonder why @Himeor any other NCstaff didn't take a stance on this yet.
  3. Hol' up. Did you just complain that you need a group of people to play with to do content in an MMO ? Fo real.
  4. A group of new players in the process of opening C2A boxes are by all means able to do normal modes. If you're not willing to learn basic rotations to not die to damage (not even to mechanics) that's your problem. A group of new players that are finished with their C2A boxes are able to do IA. If you're too lazy to organize and spend time progressing and practicing mechanics (which already got nerfed to the ground, like, for real), don't come here crying that you need to buy from sell raids. A single player in the process of opening C2A boxes can easily do CoS
  5. aaaaand whatever you wrote above this statement becomes null and void.
  6. "AFK farming" is a pretty fancy way of saying "botting". And it's all the usual suspects, who got reported for multiple abuses multiple times and nothing ever happens to them. Just accept that they can do whatever they want and NCwest won't do a thing about it.
  7. Since you've mentioned solo dungeons, unless they have been buffed in UE4: CoS is doable straight out of story mode. Eva easy mode should be doable with TB3. I did normal mode on multiple TB6 alts of various classes. Den of the ancients is probably the most restrictive of these, as it requires 4,5m dps to not hit 2nd boss enrage timer. That is NOT "high end gear". Don't fool yourself, in case of many players it's not the gear that's the issue with doing those. It's getting knocked back every damn rotation. Solo dungeons in their current form are actually one of
  8. I don't know why it was buffed, but it's easily doable with mostly c2a geared characters / alts and no endgame dps carries whatsoever. Get at least 1 person of any class that actually knows rotation to tank and stop touching yourselves. It's that easy.
  9. Noone would mind having functional skill rebinds in this game. But you can't fool yourself that it's the reason people are xmling. You're talking about rebinding skills yet 99% of SFs i see ingame magically forgot how to kick.
  10. Shadow and object visibility bugs aside (they're getting fixed next patch AFAIK) everyone I know is reporting great performance on UE4. Clan, IA raid group, BM raid group, everyone is praising it in that aspect. Noone "needs" to do tweaks to make it playable, even on a 7 year old computer specs. Koldrak - hard to disagree on that part.
  11. Even destroyers can get parties for any piece of the pve content out there. If you can't, on a warden, rest assured the class you're playing isn't the issue here.
  12. Not all classes have access to same means of party support, if any at all. As a warden with soulburn you should be aware of that fact. Reparation is fine, learn to use it.
  13. SF is a poorly designed class, but without xml it's playable and working fine. You can't possibly say that they lose 30% of their potential dmg, because playing legitimately, the "potential" was never there to begin with. And I guarantee you that even if this game had a skill rebind system, it would not allow for disabling particular dragonfury hits (same for any other class basic attack chains). DF removal xml is a straightforward dps cheat. Nothing more, nothing less.
  14. Same goes for XMLs - if you don't alter your rotation, people will say it's bad. I know of people who got refused raid spots just on the basis of their parse spread looking "not optimal". By that they meant "not hacked enough". This needs to stop. At all costs.
  15. You should stop paying attention to what OP writes here. He's quite obviously an RMT farmer.
  16. Yes, an active GM staff would be ideal. Yes, a good support team that actually considers proof against cheaters would be great. But the game is at the point where it doesn't need "great" or "ideal" solutions to the issue. It needs "Any" solutions to the issue.
  17. Had you taken a breather from your selfrighteous anger and took a minute to search the forum, you'd find the top stickied post in Announcements section titled "Known bugs in UE4 client" where this issue is acknowledged. You don't need to send in a thousand tickets. They know.
  18. This hurts even moreso because everyone was sure UE4 would come with heartbeat. We were SURE. This was a major disappointment, in an otherwise great update. @Hime Cheaters have ruined this game for far too long. Hear us.
  19. @HimeXigncode was a hugely anticipated part of this update. For a large chunk of the community it was much more important than any graphic/performance upgrade. We are fed up with trailing in all possible rankings and getting left behind economically due to rampant cheats everywhere. We DESPERATELY want it to be turned on.
  20. Hello, let me start with the most burning one. Will our version of the UE4 client come with any sort of protection against 3rd party client modification methods? UE3 ladders and economy have been dominated by the cheating community, is there any hope for the legitimate playerbase to compete in UE4?
  21. While the second part is obviously true, a community manager should be responsible for communication. It's preposterous that they're silent about something of this magnitude that warps the perception of their product. We, as NCSoft's customers, need to know if they're willing to draw a line in the sand.
  22. @Hime Multiple topics about such a crucial subject, not a single word of acknowledgement from CM team ? At least give us some corpo jargon about how you're not ignoring the issue.
  23. Can I just ask why has a chunk of this topic been removed without a word of explanation or acknowledgement of the issue by the mod team? @NCstaff Can we expect any sort of repercussions towards "superjumpers"? This is one thing you CAN do, it's super easy to detect by a log filter. There can be no false-positives, no excuses and every day you guys let it slide it encourages people to use any new cheat that can/will eventually pop up with impunity.
  24. 1. AFAIK GG (or a similar system) does the job and isn't bypassed in other regions. 2. There's no xmls that "make the game playable". You can't xml yourself more fps in a raid. Xmls are either outright cheats or minor QOL changes everyone can easily live without.
  25. Or any sort of anti-cheat measure, really. Things have spiraled out of control to the point where despite recent TOS changes people are more obnoxious about their cheats than ever; publicly requesting for cheat engine users in faction/zone chats with no repercussions. GCD edits / Rotation XMLs / autocasts / speedhacks run rampant in every possible aspect of the game. We all know that. We'll take the hit on game performance gladly if it means evening out the playing field.
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