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  1. If things haven't changed, you need to level up to HM13 before you can access Moon Refuge.
  2. Blue Mist around toon?

    This comes from the unity stone set effect. You probably have a set effect of at least 480 points, which activates the blue mist. Just take off some stones until you reduce the set effect to below 480 points. Edit: You can also turn off the effect by pressing Ctrl + G twice, but that also hides any pets you have.
  3. I need help with this quest

    The first image does say you only need to complete only one of those quests to gain access. So it looks like you have done one of them already? Also you seem to have the Dawn of Khanda Vihar weekly quest, so that would suggest you also meet the requirements to enter Skybreak Spire. Perhaps you somehow joined an alliance and you accidently got locked out this week without knowing it? (The dungeon resets weekly) If it's not that, then maybe you can seek help somewhere else.
  4. Getting Soul Shield Pieces

    That might explain why you're stuck with the progression in the story, because if you had equipped whatever the story gave you, you should have been fine. At level 47, you should have access to the moonwater soul shields. If you go to hogshead hamlet, there is a NPC (non-player character) near the wheel of fortune that should sell those soul shields for naryu coin. To equip the soul shield, just right click it. Also, if you press B, you can see the soul shield inventory. You can even equip an alternative soul shield for storage purposes (but it won't be active) just drag it into the slot.
  5. Act 4, Chapter 4 - Defeating Dorin

    I had to also rewatch a video to figure out what Dorin was, and I realised he has no colour indicators during his attack pattern. So instead, I will refer to his attack pattern visually. The frontal jab can be considered a "yellow" attack and you can press 2 to counter/block and go into stealth. The bombs you refer to can be considered a "red" attack and you can press Q, E or SS (at the right time) to completely negate the damage and also avoid getting knocked down. You can also use other skills which say "resist damage and status effects" - these are all called i-frames. Q, E and SS are the universal i-frames for most classes. You can also use the 4 skill (with the triangular aoe) to heal yourself up if needed. As with anything, this might take a bit of practice. Good luck! P.S. You're also vs-ing an assassin, so he has the same tricks in the book as you do. The bomb he casts is the same as your Z knockdown, which is also a bomb :P If you read what your Z does, it "pierces parry and defense skills". This means your "decoy" or your 2 skill won't work, and you need to use an i-frame as it is considered a "red" attack. This might make more sense when you vs other bosses with colour indicators. P.P.S. This was the video I relied on to see Dorin's rotation. Beware this person had very low fps, so it almost gave me a headache trying to watch it.
  6. Act 4, Chapter 4 - Defeating Dorin

    Unfortunately most of the story is solo content, so you will have to defeat him on your own. If I can build on what others have said already, you can knockdown on your Z skill (press it twice), stun while pressing LMB (left mouse button) while in stealth, and daze by pressing 2 and then F while facing the enemy. Your 2 skill is your block, which you want to time when you see a yellow attack coming your way. As others have mentioned, this also puts you into stealth. If you see a red attack coming your way (or a yellow attack, but more important for red attacks), if you press 2 twice, this gives you an invincibility frame, otherwise known as i-frame, which negates all damage done to you, provided you time it correctly. Pressing Q, E and SS (double S) at the right time also provides an i-frame. If all else fails, most mobs you can just circle around them (hold onto A or D while rotating with the mouse) to avoid most of their attacks.
  7. I decided to open up all the old MSP boxes stages 4-6 that I got during the MSP event a few months ago. Here are the results:
  8. Where to find old man cho?

    Hi Herlock, You most likely skipped the very first purple quest back in Jadestone Village. If you still have 12,000 stamina, windstride back to Jadestone Village and see if you can find someone that will teach you the water dash skill. From there, you should be able to do all the purple windwalking quests.
  9. Circle of _Suffering_ ?

    Having read this thread, I thought it would be a nice challenge to see how an SF would approach this fight, so I wanted to see if my raven 3 SF would be able to clear the first boss. As people have mentioned earlier, there are four basic skills and I'll mention what I did for each animation: Full circular yellow aoe spin: Block with 1 skill for 2 seconds, if you have the hongmoon skill it recharges the chi on each hit until it reaches 5 stacks and you just press V after the spin is finished Uppercut move: Blockable, but just circle around the boss to avoid it Half circle red aoe: Unblockable, use Q or E to avoid Linear rectangular yellow aoe: Blockable, but just circle around the boss to avoid it Basically you want to be continually circling the boss when you're not blocking (just hold onto A or D) so you don't have to even worry about moves 2 and 4. Roughly every two full rotations (it won't be exactly two rotations, it could happen in between any of those four basic skills), he will say "Face me like a real warrior". He will charge at you to stun and if successful he will grab you. The stun is blockable so I start to put up a preemptive block before the next basic skill and when it's getting close to two full rotations. If he continues to do his basic skills instead, just move to cancel the block and continue dpsing (or just block the attack if it's a yellow attack). If you do get grabbed, either just stay grabbed if the add is not a threat, or immediately tab escape if the add is about to be a problem. As for the add, when he is not incapacitated, he will either plant a red aoe bomb or do a half circle yellow aoe. Since you should always be circling the boss, you should easily be able to walk away from those two attacks. When the add starts rolling away and says "I got something for you", you have two options: SS (puts you into ranged stance) towards the add and turn around to press 4 Dash on the 2 skill in melee stance, and use either 3 or 4 If you're too far from the boss, he will do a jump stun, but if you managed to cc the add, that's better than having the add heal the boss or continue to throw random attacks at you. In the end, I was only doing about 40k dps and I have high ping, so I had to stop attacking way in advance in order to do the mechanics properly. Hope this helps, and good luck!
  10. Trove

    So sad, only saw two crits in 40 keys (one being the certain one) and still haven't gotten Chime or Countdown after 120 keys :( everyone else keeps dropping them like wildfire sigh. Divine grace stones are so rare and confetti crit (octagonal diamond) is even more rare T_T what is lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee D': I wish the cat illusion weapon box was tradeable so I could get them for my force master and gunner :/ I just keep getting boring crystal pages :T I wish I could trade my Yura's hair for a Chime or Countdown D:
  11. Fashion Trove?

    I know one of my friends has a whole bunch of outfits and adornments from trove in his inventory too. I on the other hand got the same pages like ten billion times and none of them had outfits or pets (they were mainly the legendary elements page or khanda vihar reset page). I want some outfits and adornments too :(