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  1. update on housing and mount please

    three years later? You realize this game was in Korea FIVE YEARS before it ever came to North America, right? So you mean eight years later.
  2. Worst Trove Ever

    blah blah blah same story same thread same whiner that buys lots of keys but is never satisfied and never learns his lesson to do it again. the cycle repeats.
  3. No gold in the currency exchange

    If a currency exchange is implemented into a game by the devs/company, it exists for a reason - to exchange real cash for gold. Get off your high horse about this grinding holy grail, pretentious attitude. MMOs have been known to be one of the most notorious genres of sinking hours out of people's daily lives, it doesn't mean you have to obey and succumb to that lifestyle. Thats why currency exchange exists to get around that. People have the freedom to choose how they want to approach a game, how long they want to play it, when they want to quit, what they want to do inside the game. Some people wish to swipe their way to the top, and be done with it. It doesn't mean they are looking down on anybody, as you put it in an earlier post of yours, so stop assuming that. They don't want to linger around, grind, repeating the same missions over and over again like a robot. Some would like to see the game for what it is, have their fun. There is too much else to see in real life to do and explore that keep us busy, not to mention try other games to play. If any one has tunnel vision, or a closed mind, it's you. Also, the currency exchange isn't going anywhere, sorry to dissapoint your wish to see it completely gone.
  4. No freaking legendary DROP !!!!!

    Aahh.... you remind me of that poor little hamster running in his wheel... over and over.... poor soul. Keep up the grind tho! You'll make it, EVENTUALLY .... and then do it AAAALLL over again in a couple months for more gear updates (snicker)
  5. new premium worse then the old one.

    You're just stating the obvious at what everyone already knows when it comes to f2p MMO. I'm just saying it's pathetic for these people who were duped by this company to whine and complain on here. NCSoft has never listened to their playerbase on the forums. Doesn't matter, NCSoft really burned their cash cow whales this time by insulting them with 60 day premium "re-imbursement" for rank 10 status, and only after 2 years of the game being open? At this rate, with so many pissed off cash cow whales, NCSoft not gonna have a game for anyone to play pretty soon, so might as well go grind your time / money / life on another company's game that doesn't do this crap.
  6. new premium worse then the old one.

    So why are all you cash cow whales whining and complaining on here exactly? It's pathetic. Go find another game to play and support with your money.
  7. HM levels reset ?

    So, just to be clear - when we get level 55 cap and reach that cap, and start putting our xp into HM levels again... are you saying the HM level experience bars are the same as before the level 55 cap release, or are they requireing more / less xp to gain a HM level?
  8. Lost Continent Explorer’s Pack - missed out

    I thought we have until Dec 5th or 6th to register for the level 50 voucher and goodies?
  9. NCSoft, Ever since I saw the korean trailer of poharan's sister battling against the player (who wore the red rider outfit), I have been anxiously waiting to drop my $$$ on that outfit for at least 3 or more of my 8 characters. Today, I find out that you guys have only made it for female only, and I have 0 female characters. I am begging you to release the male version of it and let me drop my $$$ on that outfit several times. sincerely, a disappointed player trailer: outfit seen at 00:46 and 00:56 [video] [
  10. Trove heptagonal gems not existed

    another trove supporter bites the dust.
  11. Known Issue: Higher Level Raid Bosses

    I feel like there needs to be a compensation of some sort because a lot of us who have Premium Membership are ultimately wasting its benefits since we cannot achieve victory in these dungeons due to the high boss difficulty. No XP gain, no gold gain because we cannot defeat these bosses.
  12. When they will fix boss levels?

    Will there be compensation for this? A lot of us have a premium status and we can't achieve victory in these dungeons because of the boss difficulty, and thus get no XP gain or gold gain while our premium membership is on as time is being wasted on it.
  13. Underwhelming Special Reward from Trove

    How is it trolling when its true? Look at how bad the trove RNG is. Gotta increase the sample size dude. 1000 keys or go home.
  14. Underwhelming Special Reward from Trove

    Only 300? Cheap sauce....I suggest you buy 1000 keys at least in order to get good results....
  15. New Unicorn Pet name?

    What is the name of the unicorn pet in the treasure trove? They failed to mention its name in the news post. I am trying to look for it on the market.