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  1. I was playing DT. At 2nd boss, me and one of my party member picked up the same shield resulting both of us had the shield, so there was 3 shield in total. But I couldn't move after picking up that shield. It disappeared instantly after drop. I still couldn't move using ASDW but I can use skill also SS, moving mouse just rotate my camera. I am not sure if this is a bug, but can you check this?
  2. That is your logic, but this is boss logic: You are range, I should get closer and stun you so you can't attack me Just stay close a little bit outside boss attack range, about 6-8m I think.
  3. Can anyone tell me another experience playing bns with this update? I'm planning to update my win10, but I need more review. did you mean that it works well with 32bit client?
  4. http://imgur.com/a/1h8Gg Try this one, found it from rendermax
  5. It happened to me too. I closed the game and played again after 10-20 minutes, and it's normal again. I think GPU need some rest.
  6. Found this in Celestial Basin. I play BM. I was fighting 3 mobs (it's croacker or something like that) and two of them reset when i was using Q on the other.
  7. you can get upgradable accessories from forgotten tomb, its good for low level but only upgradable from stage 1-5
  8. Try BnS Japan. As far as I know, they are 6 months behind Korea and don't "need" Japan IP address (as for now).
  9. Hi, I've never played desolate tomb before so i can't help you with timing. I'm playing blade master, and bm has double cc in knockdown, stun and daze. For double daze, you can use Five Point Strike(3, Tier3 Stage1) + Shoulder Charge (C, Stage1) + Take Flight (F) + Heavenly Dance (RMB) + Ascend (LMB). Double stun, use Rush (2, Tier2 Stage1) + Boot (X, Tier2 Stage2) + Take Flight (F) + Heavenly Dance (RMB) + Ascend (LMB). I don't know if this combo can buy you time. You can add more time if an assassin can use Webbing (Tab, Tier2 Stage3) after Heavenly Dance which will extends airborne fo
  10. I think we have to wait untill silverfrost so we can finish this quest.
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