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  1. Denisa


    hello I have a problem Dreadnought belt dungelons Warped Citadel impossible gain items belt it's falling Onyx scale impossible gain items belt on characters please do it something I don't know how to increase my jewelry.please help.!!
  2. Hello, I have an idea for the game called Blade and Soul. I was told that something like this will soon come out so it would be nice if you could think about making a ticket classes so that players could not only change their Character's race but also their class. For example : for Assasin to be a Gunslinger or Warlock and so on.. I would really appreciate it in this game and I also think that other players would also appreciate such change. So I would love to ask if you could let me know when this will be available in the game. Developers thank you.
  3. Hello, I would like to report a fault in the game which occured after your last update. I am not able to find my friends and cannot add friends to F4, they are basically not showing up. I am aware that you have reseted players F4 but after all, I am not able to see my friends which I have added. My friends can see me F4 but I can't see them. I am not the only one who has this problem. My partner is also having issues with this. Please fix this problem Thank you
  4. Hi I have some useful ideas how you could improve Blade and Soul game for us, players. Can you please create an eshop for all the clothes that have ever been created, I think players will appreciate it because other games also have eshops and players can buy everything they want for clothing please consider this. Then there is a premium account I think the effects that are going behind us when we run should be free and not charged due to a premium account. Blade and Soul is a great game with different effects and this is an effect which is awesome but it should be free. Please consider it. I
  5. Hello, I would like to ask if you can do anything with the system of getting items from RAID BOSSES (e.g. lighting soul shield, dragonstorm ring - stage 1, Ignitor Ring - Stage 1, Tremor Ring - Stage 1, Igneous Earing - Stage 1, Seismic Earing - Stage 1, Permafrost Earing - Stage 1, Raven King's Ferocity, Raven King's energy, Raven King's Animus etc...) Players get often kicked out of the group if they try to join in to gain these items specified above from Raid bosses. Players will not share the items even if I was involved in killing the Raid Boss and the items will often be put to bidding h
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