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  1. That's not it either, the mailbox is literally empty, yet there is a notification that something's just arrived.
  2. @Grimoir thanks, I got 5/10 Moonstone, the other 5 just vanished lol... Didn't really solve the problem though, I still have the notification about items in there, even though not a single item is visible when I open it. I guess it's the invisible moonstone.
  3. I'm having a very peculiar issue: In the daily dash, I got some moonstone crystals, it showed up in my mailbox - as it normally does; but for some reason the little checkbox is not clickable and there is no way to move the item into the inventory. It does however show as a notification at the bottom right, stating there is something new in the mail. I don't really care whether I get the moonstone, honestly, it's just very annoying to have a permanent notification there. I'd appreciate anything you could do about it