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  1. Greetings Fatalitio , Thank you for the reply. I was worried for a second. I did not relish the idea of having to fight a destro armed with an Axe and a Cat.
  2. So this is being used in competitive play.eh. Everyday I work hard in TOI and this is what I have to go up against? Hackers , or is ,it, Cheating? Call it what you will.But it is what it is. Is this authorised by the ToS? Three pages this topic hath consumed and no mod intervention or reply from NCSoft/NCWest. Will Xigncode catch this. Maybe I shall have to take my Whale accounts elsewhere I don't condone hacking/cheating and I refuse to participate in any E-Sport whereas cheating is allowed. Until I get a sound answer from NCSoft I will let my multiple whale accounts expire a
  3. Wat Destros have a cat now? So the screen art with the destro holding the cat is real? Does the Cat hammer spin counter clockwise while destro spins clockwise? I am so confused..
  4. is it done yet? I need to switch out cat outfits.
  5. Would a set Hepta gems to all be an acceptable compensation? not a full set but something like 2 or three.
  6. The quest Item is Evil Ox Horn.
  7. This is still happening. I sent in video to NCSoft this past week. Happens with FM/WL and I can also make it happen with SF. I will try BD/BM/KFM and report back.
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