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  1. might as well give up....people in the game were saying their ping and lag had been pretty bad
  2. ok got in....then it said this account logged in from another location and i was DCed again
  3. yeah...you press start on login screen...then in a few minutes it says the game is all ready running and cancels that...same as this morning...could be a long week
  4. it seems to be basically back to the way it was this morning...when you couldn't login...and they kept saying maintenance was delayed
  5. can't do dailys....plus i got ten alts i'm trying to get weeklys and BT done on too....and usually wednesday is the big day for this
  6. The game has the best Outfits of any MMOs i have played...it seems like a lot of Effort has gone there.
  7. By tweet in Maintenance Announcements....sounds like Maintenance just extended another 60 minutes
  8. So ...i just googled this....AWS is Amazon Web Services ?
  9. yeah....it lets me enter the Pin.....and then doesn't connect....or it just says the game is all ready running...i guess we will see then.....a West Coast Server probably would be great....maybe they can't have two locations?
  10. So anyway ...people have not been able to connect...and it isn't just me then?
  11. I am in Oregon....i hope if Server is moved to Virginia...the ping doesn't become worse
  12. I can't connect...are the Server connections still down?
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