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  1. oh to further discuss ...people have told me that bad lag spikes in Koldrak are caused by people using macros and not by somebody just being an OP Whale.But in that case perhaps its the Macros causing Koldrak to die in a few seconds ?
  2. If there are powerful whales killing Koldrak it will lag spike the map so a lot of people can't move and may look afk but those Koldraks are usually over in a few seconds.If no whales Koldrak can be slow but there should be nobody lag spiked then and they should be able to move. Interesting also that really OP players seem to also even slow loading of Koldrak map where a couple times the load was very slow and i found Koldrak was actually dead all ready when i got on the map.But lag spikes can happen elsewhere too...you have to be careful on first MSP Turtle because you can get lag spiked
  3. i had a discussion with HIME in the Forums the day UE4 started that we needed an easier way to move Grand Celestial Weapons to Thorn Breaker and she said she would look into it....And now we have gotten Thorn Breaker Forgestones....so i say Thank You HIME.
  4. so you get one free to TB weapon Breakthrough and one free to Silversteel ....or is for all GC9 characters on your account....anyway sounds promising
  5. actually ...if cuts back on the super speed Boss Kills in Koldrak and Botany on down weeklys...i am in favor ....tougher stuff not as much of a headache.
  6. Mushin and Zawei lag pretty bad....so i usually park in Emperor's Tomb which is a Map with not a lot of extra lag and you may pick up a ToI run
  7. i am confused about using the Polishing Cloths though.Does upgrading Lamps by polishing add anything beyond more coins.And are the Coins only used to try and a get a top 4 award.Please list all the benefits of Polishing the Lamps to the maximum level.
  8. If you get Premium are you still considered a F2P ?
  9. i havn't played my GW1 accounts in a while,,,,did you say GW1 has been discontinued ?
  10. i actually don't remember seeing any Event way of Upgrading to a TB weapon other than through a C2A..which i have done...so yes thank you Hime...an Event that lets you upgrade Alts to TB also would be great.Some people in Blade and Soul do run a lot of Alt characters in addition to their main character.
  11. Interesting ...this would let me upgrade my three characters with TB weapons very likely then..but will there also be a Weapon material to upgrade Grand Celestial Weapons to TB ?...or do we just let GC characters sit for some later event for now or TB Mat becoming more available?...i have nine GC 9 alt characters too.
  12. i have generally been able to do Koldrak though it does sometimes DC switching alts and usually lags a bit at start...but today Koldrak said i was being disconnected because i was using an unauthorized program..??...very bizarre because i am sure i am not...wonder if anybody else has ever gotten this...the game ran all right after reconnecting but Koldrak was over.
  13. Ok this seems to be working now...UE4 Setup Prerequisites was successful and the game is updating hopefully it finishes thank you for the help Hime
  14. in any case thank you for the reply Hime
  15. Right now the Game Launcher is about 85% done with File Check / checking for Updates...if that doesn't work i will uninstall and reinstall the Launcher
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