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  1. Equalized 6v6

    practice rounds are not going to buy your boxes lol. Tbh as of the past month I dont even care about 6v6 elo anymore. its just you need the bp to use those keys / 6v6 has a really good weekly for xp and it feels awful joining to be a total carry and get 1 shot when you arent even remotely undergeared forcing your team to lose, grief you, afk. Which in turn nets you and your team such minimal bp gains even during frenzy. Some days i swear it takes the whole duration of frenzy to buy a single box. 4 hours of getting my faced bashed in, people yelling at me for dying too fast, afking at the spwn when everyone gives up. Its pretty stressful.
  2. Equalized 6v6

    yeah dude. its insane really. I have a full 8 set / 5 set 3 challenger and this sin hit me for 101k.
  3. Equalized 6v6

    I mean i understand equalized 6v6 might be alot of work, but adding the chests to the arena vendor seems completely within reason to me. especially now that bots are a thing of the past. Also people feel the need to keep their elo for the most part because of season rewards. Matches seem slightly more fair than they used to.
  4. Equalized 6v6

    please add equalized 6v6 or sparkling battleground chests in arena vendor.
  5. 6v6

    since when do you get 1 shot in 6v6 with 36% damage reduction, 2.5k cdef, and 130,000hp by something that isnt even trinket worthy in arena?
  6. Fps drops no clue why.

    There is most certainly certain things in the game that cause memory leaks / lowered performance and are only fixed by rebooting game. At one point if i transmuted gem boxes a bunch of times my fps would drop to like 5 from 80. or sometimes in arena if i que alot it gets super choppy. I think its just the game and is fixed by a client reboot :c
  7. 64 bit Loading Time

    Thats odd my loading times for the most part are the same on 64 bit coupled with better fps in certain areas like ssp and msp. Is something using up your disk transfer rate, cpu, or bandwidth while your loading?
  8. Lag Spikes

    well it sounds like packet loss, or something is using your bandwidth in the background. Just a heads up windows 10 uses a peer to peer update system unless you disable it in settings (aka it constantly leeches your bandwidth) which can cause huge ping spikes. When you get those spikes open resource monitor from ctrl alt delete screen and click on the network tab. See whats using up ur bandwidth. If nothing restart your modem because its more than likely packet loss due to routing / overheating modem / isp CO complications.
  9. I CANT LOG AFTER UPDATE (error 4049)

    nope xD super long maint
  10. i wanna play but cant -.-

    https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/226155-e02018-error-download-game/#comment-1948600 this is how i fixed mine. otherwise it takes me like 10 years to patch 100mb lol. Read my comment after OP
  11. I CANT LOG AFTER UPDATE (error 4049)

    ill direct you to the link that helped me https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/225742-help-pls-c/#comment-1945863 someone suggested i do that and it worked like a charm. have to drag, drop, and replace all the 64 bit files into the 64 bit gamegaurd bns folder.
  12. Every Sogun's Lament Ever.

    rofl XD
  13. Servers on/off

    google blade and soul server status. someone made a page for it.
  14. E02018 Error Download game !

    i posted a guide on this. I get the same exact problem no matter what i do so heres how i fixed it. Download a really good free vpn program like cyberghost, activate it (it has a que for free people), click update, let it finish, turn vpn off fully. I literally tried everything else before the vpn like disabling windows firewall, modem firewall, antivirus, multiple dns servers, power cycle, adapter refresh, releasing ip, flushing dns, disabling processes, nothing worked except the vpn :c
  15. Server are off?

    yes its still going :c