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  1. Even if they are good voice acting no makes sense look for BS world and characters all Asian style and when open mouth they start speak english wtf? Where this make sense? NCS just try to please this ppl that cant read and watch a movie at the same time. And dont do the cheaper and better solution. JUST PUT SUBTITLES
  2. Google and youtube are your best friend in this situation. (support just make you lost time) I think is this error i get a fix log time ago in Aion forum funny how Aion have fix for this and BS no :)
  3. screenshots? Mods man use mods :) And Yura is Yuran is just a N but it sounds diferente. In the above vídeo Viblo post sounds Yuran for me or is juste me??!!
  4. I understand this can be frustrating! But ssp is supposed to be a battlefield. we all have have abused going all for the same faction and farme ssp like crazy. So yea i dont like get kill for this ppl when i just go there do my quests but i dont think they are doing something wrong.
  5. Just understand the 2. Clan in BS is just a joke is just to socialize with friends. i never see a MMO have so bad clan system. The rest is normal if ppl pay need have some advantage.
  6. When you start the day go to Pho24 see if ppl do boss if yes help and kill poh if you get bracelet is 10/12g stay in the same spot and go F8 do your shit and when you come out you can kill pho 1 more time in a nice day is 20g just doing this
  7. same here cant play the game like this DC now in citadel
  8. Im not upset over what other people do with their Money. Jus give my opinion why ppl do not should spend $$ in rng. True i dont do research on this. Is just what i feel in the game. But where you get this? is come for NCS? and where i can see a hold 1 to see the increase?
  9. I see lots of ppl say this: If you have the money to spend why not. Well because rng is bad not give any good for game just $$ for company. is not fair or funny. And then you see what you have now in gaming market more and more rng always with less % But if is this you guys want for MMO market go and buy this shit you guys have done a good job. At least NCS can try give a stable game but no just rng Ok I forgot something RNG can be good to keep players entertained but have been used so hard players are tired of this.
  10. yes trade give sf heal for wl and sb for sf. you can have my shit PT heal (so sad same ppl spend lots of $$ in this skill lol)
  11. yes is it. So you dont like have low gear ppl in your PT but the best moment of WV was when there was the event and lots of low lvl ppl go there. You forgot low lvl ppl go for both teams so sometimes you win sometimes you lose. Is beter that before when lots of ppl abused and log out. You say this: I mean, I did Desolate Tomb at five hundred and eighty attack power on my sin. I believe we beat the boss, so you know what really turns me off? People who only want an easy run, that's what upsets me overall about this game
  12. Why same ppl think all need speak english? You know how many different languages you have just in EU? If you understand the context stop cry or try feel superior. (dont know if is this your case but i see lots of this in game)
  13. What? ppl report bugs come here because bugs never get fix and you say this!!!??? Now i need do the devs job? i get pay for this or what?
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