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  1. In TW we basically have this kind of item too but instead we get it through Dragon express. We get the materials on weekly rewards. The max stat of the item is not that bad tbh. And if i were you, i'd still get that heart. As the GMs said in their stream that the current true heart is like the solak soul they made. It will be upgradable once they release the rest of the content.
  2. @RolasuDraygan No worries , we're here to inform peeps. Not to argue
  3. Because apparently , Judging by my calculations of materials in my server (zulia) , 1 soulstone costs around 60s now. 1 element needs 5 soulstones and 10 fusion powders and a fee of 50silvers to transmute. Hence, 5 x 60s +50s = 3.5gold each element . multiply it by 5 again since you need 5 elements and 10g to purchase a single legendary element. [ ( 3.5g x 5 ) = 17.5g + 10 g ] = 27.5gold for 1 element/jewel
  4. Making this possible makes the event more tolerable.
  5. Man you have no idea what I've gone through. -Got killed for more than 50 times by spawn campers and whale-holes. -Only got 3 shards out of all the 13 spins i threw and survived (luckily). - I was there for 4 straight fking hours.
  6. The people behind this event are sadists.
  7. I was there for 4 hours straight. Got only 3 shards out of all the 13-ish times i've spinned. The pvp part is so damn irritating, but this? 18 seconds of praying to jonathan that you wont get bombed or nuked . Only to get a single sacred orb / soulstone. As if the pvp wasnt bad enough. WELL PLAYED NCSOFT, WELL F***ING PLAYED ! ?
  8. Spread the word fam. We can beat this shitty event.
  9. But the wheel is still RNG which is f***ing great since i only got 3 shards in 4 straight hours of clown fiesta. smh
  10. I agree. Since you only get 5 essences per day it's only going to take you 90 secs to spin it, that is with out the waiting in-line time
  11. I cant even stand pvp in arena let alone open world pvp. IM DONE BEING 1 SHOTTED. fk this event!
  12. I was there for 4 hours straight, didnt get anything except for the 3 crystals.
  13. I agree , or make the wheel 1 sec cast ffs. 18 secs is too damn fking long.
  14. They applied the saying : "The longer, the better" .
  15. If money isnt involved, they wont fix it ASAP lmao
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