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  1. I have the right badges for frost WL tiger build.  Just seems like few classes benefit from bracelet as much as Sin does, was expecting more from bracelet tbh.  Only thing I'm really missing on WL is bt earring, which is significant.  And Raven would be better for bracelet, for sure, but that's not gonna happen until my Sin gets Aransu, and he still needs Undying badge fusion (tomorrow YAY!!!!!!), and vt mystic badge.

  2. My point was not that there should be a cutoff at Rift/Dawn, but rather than people can benefit more from rift than from bracelet, and don't need rng drops or ridiculous amounts of time spamming dungeon to get it.  Lets not confuse good gearing advice with knee jerk f8 bs.


    I think my point for NS is not so much that it can't be cleared with low ap parties, but that it takes considerably longer, and when you and most ppl in there are spamming 200x it adds up.  Getting dps up should be a priority over farming bracelet, but that's my opinion.


    80k would be fine for IF, and if you have a decent party and can contribute with poison and ss mechs then EL should ok too as long as you go with understanding teammates.    But yeah, respect the dungeon, I agree.  I tended to be really conservative when joining pugs too, but sometimes I think I held back a bit too much.  But... what is holding you back from upgrading your weapon on FM?



  3. 5 minutes ago, Malign said:

    Bracelet grinding wouldn't be near as miserable if people bothered to upgrade their equipment properly...



    No question running NS 200x is tedious at best and soul draining at worst, but lets face it, this is a Korean MMO, the grind is the game - the journey is the destination :Kappa:


    On the other hand, running NS with 5 other ppl who's max damage is under 25k dps is frustrating and painful.  If everyone farming bracelets had at least rift/dawn 3, a proper SS set (preferably BT arrangements in accordance with their class) and learned their rotation by spending a little time in f12 practicing, clear times are much faster. Weapon, elemental earring, BT accessories and soulshields, get your soul to stage 6 minimum.  Its no longer required to whale or no-life to get Rift/Dawn and a few accessories, just make a list of well chosen priorities and go after one at a time. 


    I've had bracelet on my sin main for a quite a while, but just two weeks ago I farmed bracelet for my WL alt.  190 runs (hand crit 1x, only saw 1 dragon drop, i wanted tiger). I had Rift 3, which btw took me approx 6 weeks of casual play and no swiping from reach lvl 50 (1-2hr 3-4x per week - don't play my alt daily) - events were helpful for soul & weapon upgrades (elements and offerings from thanksgiving box, low empy price from rng box event).  Bt ring stg 6, xanos earring, stg 6 soul, and bt 8-set SS, getting me around 50k dps before bracelet.  Around half the runs were smooth - at least one or two whales to burn down bosses.  The other half were plebs like me and much worse.  Maybe half of those runs everyone in pty except me had bale / seraph with pineapple accessories and wtf SS.   On a few occasions we even managed to wipe repeatedly on boss 1 enrage.  When 50k is max dps by 2x in NS it's not a good sign...  And frankly at stg 10 bracelet is barely giving me a boost.  After Sin bracelet proc this is a huge disappointment.





  4. Agreed- I despise PvP and really am bothered by the PvP gate for skills and mats.  Luckily I leveled my main before this got cucked into oblivion... but my alts are starving for HM skills.  Duelists bundle is probably the best alternative rn, but limited to just a couple of transactions.


    NCSoft/West really needs to address HM skills and moonstones.  While I understand their desire to reward PvP players, it's clear that PvP just is not that popular a game mode in the West, and too many players are being left with no alternatives, where there used to be plenty.

  5. It's a thing because this is a Korean MMO, designed by Koreans, for players in Korea.  Our markets are definitely secondary.  Avg ping to server in Korea is below 7ms, it's a small country with VERY good internet infrastructure, as opposed to NA which is a large country with, at best, mediocre infrastructure and greedy as ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ISPs who don't give a shit about good routing because 99.9999999% of their users just send email, stream netflix or whatever.  EU has it a bit better because it's smaller, but I think ISPs aren't too careful about routing there, either.


    TLDR: Koreans have no problem with ping.  

  6. NS easy mode is not that hard, no real mechs required unless your party is extremely undergeared, and Xanos does not have a wipe mech like hard mode.  Stunning granite titan and getting adds lined up for explosion mech, throwing spears for Agony will speed things up nicely tho, well worth doing.  Plenty of guides to help with that.


    Yes, it will take a bit longer with an undergeared party, but AP is the least important statistic at that point.  It's about gear, crit, crit dmg, elemental dmg.  


    A 930AP Sin, for instance, with stg 10 bracelet and raven will seriously out DPS a 1000+AP sin with no bracelet and baleful.  Elemental > crit / crit dmg > ap.  Aransu > Raven > dawn/rift > bale/seraph.  And don't even start with soulshields.  I bet most ppl with 950+ that do trash level dps aren't infusing their SS with crit & accuracy to reach required minimums let alone ideas.  Hell I see plenty 1000+ players with BT accessories, BT SS and well below 60+ crit.  Then there's legendary ring and earring some use to boost ap... sigh.  Much better off with elemental herioc earring & ring and lower ap.

  7. Agreed - it's been 10 ss crystal bundles and random sacred crystal with maybe 1 ms crystal if I'm lucky... consistently since patch.  It was random before, yes, but the rewards were consistently better.  Could be small sample size, but damn it's consistently shit rng then.

  8. Sooooo... this is fantastic news.  /s


    Radiant Energy have almost NEVER cost as low as 10g.  Usually they are up near 20g, except during trove.  How is 10g even a number that makes ANY sense?  I could understand if you decided to make the trade a greater than 1:1 ratio, like 2 radiant = 1 powder, or 3 radiant = 1 powder blah blah blah but to antique them at WELL below market value is a huge middle finger ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ you to your player base.  


    Radiant energy is a  thing, like it or not.  You put it in the game, it's been here all along, it's been used specifically for gems, and it's been sellable on the market this whole time.   I get that you want to move to a new system, but ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing everybody who has radiant energy is a shitty way to proceed.  


    At the same time you are inflating the value of powders (and Mysterious Crystal) by making Radiant Energy, who's SOLE PURPOSE was gem transmutation, completely irrelevant to the process.  This is... I'm sorry, there's no polite way to say it... idiotic.


    Unacceptable, on every level.   I get that you initially undervalued / overvalued the formula, but now you're answer is to force all users to take below market rate for an item that was purchased with the SPECIFIC INTENT of transmuting or otherwise acquiring Hongmoon gems, and can't even be used for their originally intended purpose, and you're going to tell us that the day before you drop this change.


    Plus, I have lost trust in anything I buy or craft at this point, if you can just make it obsolete and WORTHLESS overnight.  I've just about had it with this game, and it's not because I don't enjoy the gameplay, but NCSoft / NCWest's handling of the economy is... I have no words... that aren't obscene.


    I hope you realize how wrong this is.  

  9. 17 hours ago, Kneil said:

    zuzu no they didn't you have to think about how long it takes to get the mats, it takes alot to get orbs just to upgrade my soul .-. and then you have to think about the moonstones and the rare elements, so imp it takes the same time just costing more. :/


    You've just highlighted the entire point if Korean MMOs lol: grind


    You need to consider if this genre is for you I guess.  Anyhow, upgrades are easier, cheaper, and faster than they've ever been.  It was never intended to be able to jump to Raven (true endgame) without considerable investment.  Actually it's probably cheaper and faster to go Raven now than is was to get Baleful 1 way back when Silver Frost was endgame.  So dig in and enjoy the grind, work on refining your farming and investment tactics to get you there faster.  


    Or just Trove! :kappa: 

  10. I use OTP (random 6 digit number using app on phone) in an effort to prevent hackers from gaining access to my account, which I have invested money and countless hours into developing.  Imagine my surprise when I read threads on another well known BnS forum, complete with screencap evidence of email chains from BnS GMs, that not only is just an email with no proof required to REMOVE THE OTP, but hackers have been successful, on numerous occasions, in getting GMs to remove the OTP and even delete IP addresses of legitimate users.  


    I completely understand the need to remove OTP, but it should be granted ONLY with verification of account using standard online security measures, like answer 5 security questions, or whatever.


    NCWest... how can you encourage people to use something to increase security, and then provide a loophole the size of North America for would-be thieves to jump through?


    PLEASE STAHP /bnstears


    PS: here is a link to GM email thread asking no follow up security questions to remove the OTP



  11. I just want to refresh this topic because now that new patch & Trove is out, it's just another glaring reminder of what a huge waste of RL money premium feels like right now.  


    MSP SS and loggui keys have been removed from Dragon Trader, so one more obvious benefit gone.  No daily dash, nothing in trove to support premium members.  About the only thing worthwhile right now are upgrade discounts, but I'm so unimpressed with premium & NCSoft right now that I'm not spending a dime on trove keys.  Unless something changes fast, I will not renew my annual when it expires.



  12. Yes this was a MAJOR rip off.  The trade value was a joke compared to the crafting cost.  I mean I get having trade-ins that aren't full value, but this was just a big FU to players.  Unfortunately I had a few of these in the pipeline as crafting was shut down, and I didn't want to stick anyone with an extinct item.  Next time I'll make sure to rip some poor idiot off rather than expect NCWest to deal fairly.

  13. Easy fix: put 3-5 quartz per day free in HM store until crafting change and watch Chinese gold seller bot profits plummet.  This happened because the demand was doubled (new oil recipe) and the supply cut severely by server consolidation.   If they're not going to adjust the number of quartz mine-able per hour, then just give a percentage for free to control prices.

  14. The ultimately frustrating part of this debacle is the idea the NCsoft is normalizing something between regions.  Income in KR is orders of magnitude higher than here.  In order to make these gem mailing fees 'normalized' or region matched NCsoft would have to correspondingly increase daily income the equivalent percentage so we in NA / EU are not spending a significantly higher portion of our possible daily income compared to other regions.  Others have already thrown some numbers at this problem, all of which illustrate how unfair this actually is, even at 1/2 of Korea's fee, for players here.


    I can tell you exactly how this will affect me:. I will no longer be playing alts other than to use as crafting drones.  I was spending a considerable amount of gold leveling 2 of my 3 alts, including some trove and rng boxes.  Transferring gems was a crucial part of my game play to be able to get my alts in higher level dungeons and raids.  I will no longer mail gems, and I will no longer develop my 3 alts, significantly reducing the amount of gold I put back in the game, and the amount of ncoin I buy.

  15. My suggestion is to join a clan, preferably one that does runs together and helps lower geared players gear up.  F8 can be cancer, but these days all the lower/ older dungeons are easily done via LFP rather than joining premade lobbies.  Gearing up is cheap & quick, you should be able to get to the point where you can even do big 3 normal mode quite easily.


    If anybody bitches at you for joining their run via LFP, then they are complete morons and should be ignored / blacklisted lol.


    And by following storyline all the way to the end & recent events they're practically throwing gems & accessories at us (current one lets you get stg 10 elemental accessory upgrade for pinnacle via event fruit)


    TLDR: endgame dungeons are fun, high gear (not BT but most everything else) is cheap & quick to get, LFP is ezpz for all but big 3 & Naryu Sanctum.

  16. While I'm far from a whale, I have gotten a few special chests due to high burst with SB in my party - besides the chance at ginseng (which i didn't get in any of them) there's not that much difference.  1 hit and you get a regular chest, and mobs drop them (I've gotten 7 regular chests last 2 days farming peaches, not including boss drops).  


    If you can't pay attention to the announcement that gives you 3 minute warning and make it to the boss 1 minute before it spawns with all the information out there, then sure, go ahead and ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about it on the forum...  But I do agree - the bosses should have more HP for this event so that ppl that come 30 seconds too late still have a chance.  That, however, would reduce my chance at special boxes since I'm all burst and no sustain compared to real whales so nevermind... :P



  17. I don't get selling ornaments.   I mean unless you're SO casual you won't ever upgrade there can never be enough ornies in one's inventory imho.  Sacred oil, PSTS transmute (after patch), legendary accessories, it's never ending lol.

  18. Check out BNS Academy (google it for website), join their discord channel, and join their excellent learning runs in their regional LFP, where it's completely ok to be new to the dungeon, and always ends up being lots of fun to run & learn, especially if you want to practice taking roles. 

  19. Yup - everything that went wrong and caused them to 'hotfix' gameguard is back again with a vengeance.  My list of problems in case anyone at NCWest gives a damn (and yeah, it's in a ticket too):


    - Inventory cursor bug

    - mouseclicks not registering

    - mouse click delay

    - mouse getting grabbed by BnS when trying to use other applications causing content to get destroyed because the only way to fix it is to forceclose app on which cursor got stuck

    - cursor getting stuck when re-entering BnS window focus, system stutters and freezes

    - mouse button mapping intermittently getting screwed up (Corsair Utility Engine - and i only map single keys like F & 4 to my side buttons, no macros)

    - fps reduction


    I'm seriously displeased with this move...