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  1. Any particular reason this was not communicated to players before the patch? This is the first I've heard NCWest say anything about this.
  2. Yes your temp soul stays at stg 6 even if you fail. You just lose the upgrades mats and gold in the process.
  3. Absolutely remove that garbage 'advance to start'. It's a pentalty for having premium. All the garbage is at the beginning, the best items at the end... how is skipping all the best slots a premium benefit? Even if you are a new player, removing advance to start would have such a minimal effect, and at least would not feel like punishment for paying NCWest RL money.
  4. I guess submit another ticket... they're usually quite good about this sort of thing. Just keep spamming them until they actually fix it.
  5. Yes, bracelet is the biggest improvement for most classes, but the neck is a very close second for some. Anyway, running purple dungeons and finishing the quest who's name i don't remember lol will get you those draken cores really fast, no need to focus just on NS for bracelet.
  6. Thanks - I hope so but several patches later it's still an issue. One thing that baffles me is the reset - what possible reason, other than irritating your users, is the reset not the same as system reset (4am PST)?
  7. Before you even get to BT you'll spam Desolate Tomb for the purple ring of your element, and Naryu Sanctum for the puple earring of your element - the combo effect is worth an additional 700 crit dmg which is pretty damn big. The only basic legendary accessories you want are necklace & belt. Ear is trash and ring is marginal at best.
  8. It's not just the number of button clicks, that's silly and shouldn't happen, but it's also so bug infested - I am, once again, unable to collect rewards. This happens too often, and support is unwilling to make good, they always say there's nothing they can do.
  9. The fees were not reduced for premium as promised, so it's a moot point.
  10. That's not the point. The issue is that back when many of us bought premium the rewards were way better than they became. Many paid in advance for a period of premium, and as time went on more and more was taken away and replaced with... NOTHING. We complained, NCWest listened and re-vamped premium. But this new premium is WORSE than before. We have paid, and now we're getting less than we had. Not only that, but for many of us the 60 days bonus is totally worthless since we'll never be able to use it. My example is that I'm annual subscription, and when I cancel that I'm g
  11. Just go to F8 and 'LFP' for Desolate Tomb. NS it's better to form parties in lobby, since it's harder. Even though DT is pretty easy with current gear, respect your party and watch some videos to get a basic idea of what to do. They're probably outdated - a while back DT was very hard and included mechanics that if failed cause insta-death and wipes, but the 'normal' mode is much easier and no mechs are required to clear. The accessories drop from normal mode. But the video will give you an idea of what to expect, at least, minus mechs. Definitely watch videos of Naryu Sanctum
  12. It sounds like you're not comfortable with your class yet, both in how to build it most efficiently (gear, skills), and what your rotation is. Ping is a factor, for sure, but if you have in-game 100-200ms (even if it goes up, spikes, etc...) you should be able to be at least in range of similarly geared players. And this is where the real story is, imho - your gear is absolutely bottom of the barrel. It's all story stuff, and you've picked the wrong weapon, but that's ok since baleful and seraph are entry-level now, and you need to jump to dawnforged asap if you're fire gunner, not sure for
  13. And I even forgot to whine about Daily Dash, which is another 10/10 lump of coal in players anniversary patch of wonders!
  14. I get it. You're OP and we're all plebs. Will you sign my man-boobs? Thanks <3 It's definitely nice having something challenging, even though you admit you cheezed it, shame shame lol. I mean pretty much the only thing I enjoy doing in game is VT rn, rest is boring, and I was looking forward to this. But, this is an anniversary event, and it's basically out of reach for a huge percentage of the player base. That would be fine if there were decent alternatives for fun in this event, but it's basically garbage. Couple coins, paywall RNG cosmetics, static 20 min
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