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  1. New Classes

    they should introduce a new class as creative as warriors, I do not know, something like a bd with a giant sword
  2. I think they should bring premium membership level back a player who pay each month 12€ is as loyal as one who spend 35€ every 3 months or 125 each year. you are only despising all those players who can not afford to spend 125 euros at once but nevertheless pay religiously every month.
  3. unlock adornments

    Well, I would like to suggest that you unlock the adornments and that they can be used independently if you have the outfit equipped or not. Obviously there will be some that overlap with the outfit or dont make sense, but others would be great thats why Im asking to give us the freedom to choose, in my opinion most of the adornments are useless, if they thought to block so you can only used then with the predetermined outfit, why did they do them in separate pieces to begin with? the example of decked out adornmert, at the beginning could be equipped with any suit (that is still strange because it appears as face ornament) and nothing happened since it is something cosmetic, even though it was a bug. then they blocked it so that it could not be done but if it was a bug it was harmless. so please keep this in mind, it would not be nice to be able to use your grand phoniex wings, boss mode duster and who knows what else with one of your custom outfit?.
  4. red rider (new one) and trascendence.
  5. Region Transfer NA ↔ EU

    if you wonder why bns has not included this feature it is very simple, it is because BnS KR has not done it, in this case I think it is more productive to learn korean and ask for it in their forums than doing it here. A year ago I sent a ticket about this. Hello, A region transfer service is currently unavailable for Blade & Soul. It is possible that this feature will become available at a future date, but we have no information about when this might be. Please keep an eye on the support site and the forums for updates. Here's the link : We are sorry that we are unable to assist you with this. If you have any other questions and concerns, please let us know. Regards, Chryssa NCSOFT Support Team
  6. this isnt re balance, this is MADNESS

    anyway as u said you are a casual player. How do you expect a casual player catch up a player who farm or spend money on game? that sound more like: i am casual but i want end game gear....
  7. make them bound account. dont let this post die. We also encourage you to post your comments on the forums, where our community team gathers player feedback so they can suggest game improvements to our development team: Feel free to contact us again if you have any other question or inquiry. Regards, GM Rhan NCSOFT Support Team
  8. custom outfits

    why the outfits become untradeable when you use the tailor shop?
  9. Tailor on Amity Wings please

    I doubt very much that they add it, not many people have those wings and the idea of tailor shop is the use of hmcoin or ncoin so I do not think it would be worth it, at least for them.
  10. Region exchange voucher

    I live in Spain despite being europe I thought of playing in na hoping to find more spanish speaking players without knowing how important the ping was in this game and now that I have reached a certain level of game I have realized that I can not compete against other players especially in arena or any kind of pvp or even dpsing on dungeon. I imagine that this the reason the most people hate pvp, it is not about equip or skil but also where you live.
  11. add a damn teleport

    something to add eu/na dont have developers because they dont develope. the only thing they do is copy/paste what other regions send them.
  12. Nerf Gunners [Locked - Bumping]

    nerf them soon, talking about roles gunner role is alpha call (wl get nerfed to give meaning to this stupid class).
  13. 150 Plentiful Harvest Crate opening

    Why do we have to wait for other players to do the math ?, why nsoft does not publish the percents themselves ?. I tell you why, because they are cheaters, thieves and liars. When you buy something you know what you get and if it is random, the minimum they could tell you is the probability of getting it, I do not know in other countries but here in Spain I could say that it is even illegal.
  14. Plentiful Harvest Crate

    I've been playing this game for a long time and I've never seen so much displeasure among players even with the past problems of lag, although any player can complain about lag but right now the players who are complaining are the players that keep this game running since they are the ones who spend their money on it (I include myself among them). All players are important but these are the ones you should love and take care of the most. Many people are talking about stop spending money in this game, even premium membership so you should look for a solution to this great discontent, personally I did not know the percentage of dropping, not even if you have published. If I had that information right now I would not feel cheated, as most players feel because I would have the opportunity to assess whether it really was convenient or not to buy them
  15. 150 Plentiful Harvest Crate opening

    and where does it say that?
  16. 150 Plentiful Harvest Crate opening

    cheatbox not worth i expend 70€ to get items i can get by myself and 11 maple leaf........
  17. I dont care if cost gold, ncoin, hongmoon coin or blood but IMPLEMENT NOW!!!!!
  18. AFK epidemic

    thats true we need a solution.
  19. Massive server lag

    They did a great job adding that shitty game (mxm) in the same server than bns, they have their stupid new game running and we got lag.
  20. dont undestand why nsoft set a really high goal by buying a really ugly outfit, im sure ppl just buy it to get milestone reward and not coz they like it, and rng boxes than not everyone can afford. Not only that, at the same time they release an outfit a lot of ppl want (boss mode). if nsoft have wait until milestone finish to release that outfit maybe part of those ppl would buy more items to fund your event or even if u set part of boss mode cost for milestones would be better. But does nsoft really have a plan nsoft or just do random things?
  21. Who wanna Gon Gunner?

    *** gon. Lyn gunner!!!!!
  22. current costume rotation

    Still waiting carnival outfit.....