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  1. Well then, I got 1,000g to sell if anyone wants: 1:40 (40k Ncoins for all) any takers? ... yeah I don't think so. Not to mention I just CAN'T place it at the currency exchange for anything higher than 1:2 (the last time I tried, I suppouse it's worst now?!)
  2. The simplest, easiest and ALREDY IMPLEMENTED sollution to this problem is provide a few other means to acquire HMcoins. Who haven't heard about Venture Tokens?! Well, I've heard, but playing since release and I only HEARD about Sparkling ones and got about 3 Brilliant ones. So the only actual problem here is that NCsoft is too cheap to let free players play a free game :S
  3. Currency exchange is down in NA atm
  4. Bugs?!... the only bugs I saw were latency and bad design. With a ping 300+ you have less then 1 second to put 4 CCs (preferably stuns) in the boss, which gets increasingly hard if you're one of the few paying attention to it, while avoiding tornados and red circles, if the aggro holder doesn't move him. The bad design goes for the excessive ambient light and unecessary effects that could make you miss the mechanics. As for wipes, if the overall dps is low, and no one moves the boss away from the tornados, if the aggro is with a ranged class, and you also mess up w
  5. As in HMlvl you're quite alright. When HM10 was cap people would run around in HM3... when cap at HM15, most people were HM5. So being HM7-8 now is alright. As for gearing, you can do anything under Asura with pre legendary, which is really cheap (Asura was designed for people with 550-600AP). When it comes to anything ahead of Asura, you might wanna have some Legendary. Check out some vids of dungeons and you're good to give a try. Ofc there will be some 'special' players that would trash talk anyone that isn't 1,000AP, even when you carry them >.> but that's when you s
  6. There's no real solution for this. If we put a %damage requirement, we'll punish people that joined on going dungeons, those that stayed behind for whatever reason or someone that got killed in the fight, or by the wall of fire. If we put a kick funciton, any A hole could abuse it and kick legit players for any trivial reason, or simply party up with another A hole and a kick would never work on them.
  7. Since bnsbazzar was brought down by NCsoft I haven't bother looking for another way to quick check the crafting market... but then I'm also close to leave the game as well. Regardless, thx for the share, mate!
  8. Firstly, this hole endevour was doomed cuz only a small percentage of the players can buy it (no free to play are allowed to buy this). I know that you can make HMcoins in game, so they wouldn't be making money out of it, but... from every 1,000 HM coins I made, maybe 5-10 are actualy earned in game, as the rest is made from selling gold (currency exchange), thus from people that spent money. Secondly, they placed some exclusive (so far) costumes inside this event, which isn't something popular to do. The idea that you contribute with the company's income, by making payin
  9. Well, you go to your game folder, find the file named Xingcode (or something like that) and delete it (or move out of the game files). As you start the game, you it will download the Xingcode again and the game might work again. I firstly I tried switching between 64bits and 32bits launcher. One of those gave me a message: "A debugger has been found running in your system please unload it from memory and restart your program", so I searched for a fix based on that. For example:
  10. Same problem with me. Started today. morning (about 15 hours ago) and even repairing the game it still does nothing. EDIT: I deleted that xingling shit (new game guard) and the game update (downloaded again), and now it's working again.
  11. There! fixed :D Jokes aside, Guild Wars 2, which is better developed, but still an NCsoft game, is having the same problem... and I never saw that game lag, in 4 years playing. In both games the lag start around 10pm (UTC-3), happens in waves and goes for 2hours+
  12. Bots here and there, but nothing as bad as it used to be an year ago. The game is deserted in lower lvl areas, but full near cap dungeon/raid entrances. If you enjoy endlessly farming to get gear to farm faster to get more gear to farm even faster... then you'll love how the game is. Haven't done pvp in forever, since gear/pay walls only get bigger.
  13. Daily Challenge is avalible when you hit 50lvl (a set of 6 quests related to dungeons, raids and pvp arena/battleground that upon completing grant you extra loot) Daily quest you've finished can be checked in your "Quest Journal" > "Completed Daily Quests" (dunno the default key, but must be "J"), as well as how long for the reset. The ones you haven't done today (or ever) could be seen in your map, I suppouse. They are pretty obvious while lvling, and stop being as visible as you get closer to cap lvl (specialy if you start skiping side quests, which is natural).
  14. You can get premium lvl by spending HMcoins that are earned in game.... but it's so rare to actualy earn those by playing (been here for a bit more than an year and got $20 worth of HMcoins), that it's hard to count them like that. You CAN, thou, trade gold for HMcoins, but the market for it have prices so low that you'd spend weeks to get a single purchase from the store. (daily dungeons get you 1-5g each, corrency exchange is 1:3 gold:HMcoins atm, which means 500-100 dungeons to get 1500HMcoins-10%fee from exchange for a costume) Premium lvls: http://www.bladeandsoul.co
  15. You can check the benefits you get from each lvl of premium membership in game (could post some pics later if needed). The main problem is that to get to a lvl when it would worth having premium (we're talking about speding around $1,000 in their cash shop)... you probably wont use most of it's benefits.
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