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  1. Well then, I got 1,000g to sell if anyone wants: 1:40 (40k Ncoins for all) any takers? ... yeah I don't think so. Not to mention I just CAN'T place it at the currency exchange for anything higher than 1:2 (the last time I tried, I suppouse it's worst now?!)
  2. The simplest, easiest and ALREDY IMPLEMENTED sollution to this problem is provide a few other means to acquire HMcoins. Who haven't heard about Venture Tokens?! Well, I've heard, but playing since release and I only HEARD about Sparkling ones and got about 3 Brilliant ones. So the only actual problem here is that NCsoft is too cheap to let free players play a free game :S
  3. Currency exchange is down in NA atm
  4. Hmmm, if I remember correctly it's the one that ask you to kill the world boss of the area OR 3 mobs, right? If you're melee, kill the Mighty Warriors. Watch their patterns and it should be a walk in the park. If you're ranged, you could try the Witch Doctors, since they have slower attack speed and are a lot more predictable, but the adds at the start could be a problem. If too challenging, you could always fight Mighty Warriors in melee range. This quest could be done with 300AP or less. But you really have to watch for patterns. And yeah, Vipercaps restore about 80% of y
  5. Ok, so, lets say everyone should bid on loot... what would happen next? Close to no HM pugs, but some guild runs when generosity strikes. Scales are cheap now, but only thx to an event not long ago. In any case, that means donating hours+ of play time out of a dead 24man area or 'X'gold to a pug run. Now compare to a scenario where only the person that placed a scale could loot: Constant HM pugs, since that invested gold or playtime would be presented with a costume or high priced item drop chance (but ofc, as any lottery, it's a fake chance, but keeps people trying).
  6. I thought that by saying "someone" you would understand, but you missed again xD Also, Zedonia have a point, you're concerned about something you haven't even experienced. The only problem with that, thou, is you're not being able to understand the topic cuz of that lack of experience. The (laughable) loot is an incentive for random people to place a scale. It's not needed, but it sure helps.
  7. LOL... guys, someone is missing the point: It's not about loot, it's about trust. I'm not concerned about loot, I'm concerned that it can take an hour for someone to trust 5 others in order to place a scale so all of them would be permited to do the dungeon... and even when that rare trust event happens, there's a high chance of being misplaced. The abvious clue of that misplace trust is the loot being taken by someone else, but again, It's not about the loot, simply cuz not only the scale guy get that feeling, but everyone that didn't use a scale but also trusted.
  8. ... and boring. I mean, there's no issue if you run this with guildies or friends, or solo. The problem start with people that either bot, afk, or bid in HM. A few moments I experienced: - last nigth I got into a group with 3 afkers... do they really expect others to carry half a party?! - not long ago I got in group that the HM12 guy was just sitting at the entrace... he even gave lead to the guy that used the scale so he didn't have to bother recruiting others to carry him. Also, 3 out of 5 scales I used people bid on loot... So removing the scale
  9. Seriously?... after 100 tries I gave up and bought the Finite Challenge (the black version)
  10. Or futas XD ... I still find my answer to this mystery a lot more funnier. Also, what are the odds that the korean devs thought of something incredibly bright instead of something that is part of their culture? (Oh yes, I can be deeply mistaken, since I don't really know the diference between japs and koreans)
  11. " Compare to Tolkien’s Gimly talking about the common perception that there are no dwarven women " yes and in there dwarven woman have beard and looks just like male... in here, using the same comparison, would yun males have big boobs and look like females? Then, mystery solved! They are like futas! XD
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