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  1. When you do the quick math with these changes if you want to upgrade one legendary item from what ever place you need +/- 100 legendary jewelers, so you need 1500 sacred crystals and 3000 soulstone crystals, thats a lot trust me. Now days gold its much easier to get then specific materials. Imagine now when you want to do pvp also next set of legendary items, thats so much farming its not even funny. The 20 g option should be just added to the existing right now and everyone would be happy. :)
  2. Elder dragon Jewel and Elements

    We need also talk about this change, because now where there is no way to get legendary elements and jewels only for gold the amount of needed resources is ridiculous. For exmapel when you wanna buy 200 jewels for 2 legendary items, you need around 3000 sacred crystals and 6000 soulstone crystals. I dont mean they dont drop often its just nowdays gold is easier to obtain then these materials. I would sugest lowering the amount of resourses needed to buy them to like 5 sacreds and 15 soulstone crystals or give again the option to buy then with only gold. I transmute couple of hunders of accesories and have now 2500 jewel powder and i can only buy 48 crystals thats a pathetic number. comparing how much equipment there is. P.S. Yes i used all my naryu silvers on that.....
  3. EU servers..... Crap

    Can anyone from NCsoft or the server providers explain why in the game the showing ms is not lower then 130 and often goes up to 200, its not only the numbers but you can feel the lag betwen pressing something and the action in the game. The same thing with the disconnecting from the server it happens so often and nobody is doing anything ,no patches, no infos. NOTHING!!