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  1. Not all costumes+attachments are bound to account, unfortunately. So not sure they will make them. On another note, you can always try writing the support - they did move an event outfit for me that wasn't bound to account :)
  2. Well, they told us about the F9 before today tbh. So it shouldn't be a surprise, unless you don't take 5 minutes to read the news. So you had plenty of time to stuck up on Hmcoins or Ncoins :)
  3. Delete me pls.

    Still looking for new members :P
  4. Silverfrost Refining Stone

    I have almost 3k of these, and no use for them. They just sit in my vault, laughing smugly at me as they take up more and more space.
  5. Delete me pls.

    Still looking :D Wanna be a member, just hit me up :P
  6. Did you really fix Trove???

    I don't see a problem. Had my boyfriend on call while he opened his 250 trove keys. He got way too many crit for his own good, and my good too. It's all about rng in the end. Had 36 keys myself, not even one crit :)
  7. Delete me pls.

    Close me pls
  8. I think none of us knows, just like you do. There seem to be a big problem going on and they are trying to fix it. We can't do anything else than be patient and wait :)
  9. 12/04 Maintenance delayed for 1hour

    I think it's 15 for the chakra shield as far as I saw on a list. :) And then another 15+chakra shield for the Ebondrake Wheel :)
  10. im dead

    Yeah, something entitled people use when they feel like they don't get what they didn't pay for :D
  11. im dead

    You're dead? Why are you still writing on here then?
  12. compensation for EU players

    I can't see how you can get annoyed when you know that Wednesday is maintenance day? Look, shit happens, and the people at NCSoft are just people as well. They can make mistakes too, and they work their asses off to actually fix it. If people are so tired and annoyed, then leave the game instead of being rude people on the forum.
  13. 12/04 Maintenance delayed for 1hour

    I haven't been an online gamer for long, but even I understands that stuff can happens that makes it impossible to launch on the predicted time. People need to chill and stop being so entitled. I am pretty sure they are working their asses off to get the servers up and running as soon as possible. Guys, this is not the end of the world. Sit down, relax and enjoy something else while you wait :)
  14. Show off your characters!!

    Well, now I wanna share some of my chars too :D My newly made Gon Female Force Master: My only guy in the team, Lyn Blade Dancer: My lovely and ultra happy lyn Warlock: My main, Lyn Summoner: My first and most beloved char, Yun Soul Fighter: