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  1. I want to buy 50 or 100 treasure trove keys, we can decide on a price decent for both of the buyer and seller. Server EU Jinsoyun. I want proff that you will sell me the keys and that you already have sold to some other players.
  2. I submited yesterday a ticket to support in hope of rerolling my waeapon for main and i didnt get any kind of response, i decided to submit another ticket on the same matter and its been 20 hours and i didnt get any kind of reply. Should i keep waiting or try to submit the third ticket ?
  3. Poharan is unkillable

    This event dungeon is imposible to do with normal party members. It is to long, the bosses have to much hp and you hit like awet noodle 80% of the times. Poharan the last boss has 10million hp and half of her mechanics are bugged(vent mechanic in particulary) and after 20% almost no one can kill her.
  4. After the maintance from 02/08/2017 i sarted having 7-15 fps from a stable 60 on max settings, the only explanation i got is that bns is using the intergrated grafics and dosent want to change to the dedicated gpu(nvidia gtx 1050) under any settings i may try using for it.
  5. Low FPS

    I have simmilar problems regarding the same things, and have you tried seeing what grafic card is using the gpu or the intergrated graphichs ?
  6. I need help with a reroll ticket

    And for example if i tried once and i got a negative response should i keep trying or stop ? And i upgraded 2 weeks ago...
  7. I have upgraded my legendary weapon to stage 6 and got only one gem slot and now i want to try my luck again. The problem is that i havent made any tickets to Blade&Soul Support and I decided to ask more eperienced players in this kind of subject.
  8. Xigncode erorr after trove update

    Found what it was it was a error with an autocliker for cliker games on the web
  9. Xigncode erorr after trove update

    Already i have done it but still dosen´t work.
  10. After the 24/05/2017 trove update, i start geting this eror mesage entiteld 0xE019100B from xigncode and i tried various methodes but no result and now im out of ways and ideas on how to fix it .
  11. How to mail alt characters ?

    I have a lvl 50 character and i want to give to my alternate character some gold and keys but dont know how to do it , i would gladly accept any information regarding this topic . Thank you in advance .
  12. I am at Wings of mushin and the quest is telling me to speak whit Yunwa but she isnt spawning , i tried relogin ,switching the chanel and reloading the zone but it didnt work at all.