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  1. I want to buy 50 or 100 treasure trove keys, we can decide on a price decent for both of the buyer and seller. Server EU Jinsoyun. I want proff that you will sell me the keys and that you already have sold to some other players.
  2. I submited yesterday a ticket to support in hope of rerolling my waeapon for main and i didnt get any kind of response, i decided to submit another ticket on the same matter and its been 20 hours and i didnt get any kind of reply. Should i keep waiting or try to submit the third ticket ?
  3. This event dungeon is imposible to do with normal party members. It is to long, the bosses have to much hp and you hit like awet noodle 80% of the times. Poharan the last boss has 10million hp and half of her mechanics are bugged(vent mechanic in particulary) and after 20% almost no one can kill her.
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