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  1. Feeling Stuck on Foundry

    Sorry to say but as you expected, the best way to pass this hump is running with friends that are willing to carry you. Destroyers are basically a dead weight in Foundry as they can't tank, they can't grab and they can't contribute to any of the important mechanics of the dungeon except for driving at the last boss. If you can't drive, well, your role would come down to applying your "epic" 9k DPS on bosses. Looking at your gear, though, you have pretty low crit rate and crit damage for a 700+ Destroyer. If you don't have enough flowers for MSP 6-7-8, replace your Citadel pieces for Tomb pieces for more crit damage. Although it can be pretty expensive, try to invest in your Soul until stage 5-6, again, for the crit damage boost it gives you. Lastly, I can't see if your pieces are fused or not, but try to fuse as much as possible to try and pass the 55% crit rate mark. Now, I'm not saying that will make you more useful in Foundry but maybe people will be more willing to carry you if they see that you're on the right path with gearing up.
  2. Destroyers in MSP

    Sad. Once again, we get new content in which Destroyers are completely useless. At this point, I'm really wondering what is up with the devs. Do they really not realise how Destroyers has been getting the short end of the stick since release or do they genuinely don't care?
  3. Destroyers in MSP

    What is their purpose? They can't really tank the boss, they can't provide party buff, they can't provide a party protection, they can't efficiently heal party members, they can't lift the turtle and their damage is absolute trash. Why would anyone that want a fast MSP run allow a Destroyer in the party?
  4. Don't talk to me about ego as a freaking sin player, please. You guys are the first people to brag about how easy it is to solo dungeons or to link up your "dank DPS" to everybody. I'm sure the only reason you (and many other people) don't mind having a Destroyer in your own party is because they contribute to your own cool DPS numbers and nothing else. No Destroyer expects to be on top of the DPS chart but we at least expect to receive buffs at the same time as others. Your analogy is flawed because the other classes have received a lot of buffs and changed since launch while Destroyer didn't receive much. Wouldn't you be pissed if next patch everyone gets a new skill/badge but Sins don't receive anything or something irrelevant? That's been Destroyer's life story since the beginning and that's why we complain now. Our damage don't matter, our support don't matter, our badges don't matter, nothing freaking matters because it all sucks. If they're so scared about buffing Destroyers because of how good we already are in PvP just do like TERA does and specify against which target the buffs applies (i.e against mobs, boss or players).
  5. There wasn't a meter but you can't tell me you didn't know that our damage wasn't up to par with the like of FM, Sin and Summoner back in the day. I can't speak for everyone, but personally I wasn't really surprised when I saw the huge DPS gap between Destroyers and other classes when the meter came out. I didn't play all classes at equal gear, but it's not hard to do the math honestly. When I party with other people that have 100+ less AP, far less crit than me and notice that they still do 5k+ DPS than me, I don't really need to analyse any further. For solo stuff, I'm at 720 AP and I managed to beat Naksun in under 2 minutes. It required me to pop a Heroic Friendship Charm, pop a Bruiser Charm and drink an Invigorating Mamosu Stew and literally facetank Naksun all the way through. Despite that, it still took me around 1m50s to clear it. Meanwhile, my friend's who a BM that's around 650AP beat that achievement very easily with no buffs and in less the 1m30s. The difference in damage is pretty significant whether it's solo or party play and I'm surprised you don't see it as a Destroyer player yourself.
  6. You say people will always complain about DPS no matter what and yet not many Destroyer players complained about their DPS back in the day. We were still on the lower end of the DPS chart but at least we were useful for something. We're not spoiled summoners, the Destroyer's class description clearly stated that it was a support type and we're well aware that we're not suppose to ditch out tons of damage. The complaining comes from being a crappy supportive class as well as doing no damage. It's all those things combined that makes you ask yourself "why the hell am I playing this class?".
  7. Everything you pointed out, another class does it better than us. We used to be the grab kings, now BDs are just straight up better than us at that. They can DPS while holding heavy mobs, they can grab twice in a row with their badge and their grab positioning (which used to be bad) doesn't really matter anymore with restraint in the picture. We're tanky, but we can't really tank because we can't properly hold aggro. No one expects a Destroyer to tank a boss. Hell, the summoner's cat does a better job at that than us. Destroyer players wouldn't complain about their DPS if they excelled in another field. Now, we're just bad in every single freakin' field.
  8. HM11, 720+ AP Destroyer here. I've been maining this class since launch and I pretty much agree with the OP. Unless you're a masochist, do not even consider this class if you're focusing on doing a lot of PvE content. The DPS issue is one thing but when it gets to the point where you're expandable in every single field, it's pretty depressing. I'm way too far into the game to consider re-rolling but man would I switch class in a heartbeat if there was some sort of class change ticket in the HM store.
  9. @Cookielicious I honestly don't give a damn if you believe me or not, but you have to realise that their system is faulty. The same way some abusers got away with not being punished, some got unfairly punished. I know what I did and didn't do and frankly, I wouldn't be that persistent about it if I knew I did it once. I didn't abuse the exploit a SINGLE time nor did I disconnect during matches. Heck, my score was so bad in WWV that I don't even think I was eligible to receive reward. It's the same story all over again. People got unfairly banned when they tried to get rid of bots and now people gets unfairly punished for playing fair. This is stupid.
  10. @Valiant Same problem here. Did not disconnect once during the entire event and I did not receive the rewards. It's very hard to find the motivation to continue playing when you get punished for no reason.