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  1. Broken recovery animations annoy me so much. BD's can run and cast skills almost instantly after a ground counter. Destroyers do that occasionally as well.
  2. I was taking a break from 6v6 to farm PvE, so I went back to the battleground today and was greeted by multiple BM's and summoners that were eating through 2.4k cdef and 2.8k def as if I had none. A BM ate my 122k HP in 4 hits. Yes, they had the legendary soul. Oh, well, one less thing to do in this dying game...
  3. Soul stab bug attempts: Check! Grab badge that should be deleted from the game: Check! Quality entertainment.
  4. Reason why you don't see a lot of FM's at the top is because it's a faceroll class in PvE and the types of people who enjoy that playstyle don't bother going through the difficult learning curve of PvP as FM. There are some incredibly effective top tier FM's in Europe, don't know about NA. Glacier is one of them, go watch some of his VODs and learn from them: https://www.twitch.tv/ohglacier Just don't try his chi bomb trolling... yet. ^^ Don't know if Chloroform streams but he's probably the deadliest FM around.
  5. Sure, just give us your self defense chi and dodges, cuz it's not like SF has other means of avoiding damage besides countering. Also, take note of the fact that KFM elbow costs focus to use. Lastly, most KFM's I know use the HM Elbow Smash because it's a better offensive skill even if it has a 1.3 second cooldown. As for making KFM great again, it's really quite simple. 1. Make Flurry, Guiding Fist, and Avenging Fist work on airborne targets. I'm sick and tired of having the worst opener in the game. 2. Nerf Q/E on other classes or allow KFM to use them when facin
  6. Here's the build I'd use at HM2: https://bnstree.com/tree/KF?b=BJSnrKRGl If I were you, I'd get a few more HM levels to put points into Triple Kick and then Tiger Strike. All you need for 3rf is putting 3 points into your 3 (Leg Sweep) so you can use Shin Kick on a stunned or dazed enemy.
  7. This. However, I think nerfing dragontongue will make it easier for some classes (like summoners) to face BM's. Also, I don't think it's fair for BM's to have a 100-0 combo that is so fast and only requires them to hold down RMB.
  8. There isn't a rampant botting issue anymore. In fact, I don't even remember the last time I encountered a bot.
  9. Hey, be glad you're at least not crashing. I get a stable 40 fps in MSP but every few runs my game will crash. It's gotten to the point where I only do my dailies and then leave that garbage place.
  10. how about you fix the 24-man raid that just came out? Myself and many others are still crashing despite having all prompts off. I'm sick and tired of grinding that boring and unrewarding place only to get a random crash at stage 4 or 6. It's even worse when I'm the only tank around and a smooth run turns into a crash for me and a wipe/mess for my party.
  11. There are 4 in EU as 2 of them are alts (Jadez/Fapish). 0 BM alts by the way, and I didn't check the other classes.
  12. Pssssst, Fire KFM has a way to maintain a high crit rate throughout the duration of a fight. Learn how other classes work instead of whining that spamming LMB/RMB isn't enough to top the DPS chart. Also, learn how your own class works because, as a KFM, it's pretty damn hard to out-dps a competent summoner with higher AP than you.
  13. Come now, you honestly think performance anxiety and/or bad luck are the reason why KFM is practically non-existent in big tournaments? Maybe the high skill players stay away from the class because they understand its many weaknesses. Have you considered that? Why should they gimp themselves instead of rolling with an RMB master (CC for days, 14k Brokentongue crits in arena, and a damage combo that does not heavily rely on stable/low ping) or Soul Fighter (lots of defensive utility, great in tag, good burst when used appropriately). Is it a coincidence that a quarter of TOP 100 EU 1v1 is BM?
  14. Thanks for the laugh! KFM insta-wrecks summoners who suck at protecting their cat, which is most of them - even at gold rank and above. Bad summoners don't recall their cat and let it auto attack, giving KFM free Q/E or HM Counter i-frames. Yeah, getting gold isn't hard when you steam roll newbies that don't know how to play against you. A good summoner is a nightmare to play against, especially if they bother learning how your class PvP's. Lastly, if you think summoner vs KFM is the most uneven matchup in the game, I suggest you roll a KFM and tell me what it's like to play against assassins.
  15. Before nerf: Step 1: Pick Summoner/Warlock/Force Master Step 2: Join the dominant faction on your server. Step 3: Go to SSP and LMB/RMB your way to high AP. Step 4: Enter dungeons, screw up mechanics, make everyone's life difficult. Step 5: Go back to SSP; life is easy there. After nerf: Complain on forums about how SSP is not worth it and the game is ruined.
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