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  1. The end results of this is gonna be unhealthy economy for the powders. The value is right now messed up, people aren't realizing the importance of this change yet. Please fix it and make a new source for powders :P
  2. Upgrading gear made me worse?

    Thank you all for the replies, I'll try contacting the support. I did know the changes in what true Scorpio effect does and what seraph does, but I didn't expect it to actually make me lose this much dps. ps. RevivedTera, you could've been nicer, there's no need for you to have such an attitude, it'd be much better if you dont' reply at all next time.
  3. Hello community, For the 1st year anniversary, I treated myself with a long waited upgrade to my weapon from true Scorpio into serpah legendary 3 stages (I'm a Warlock). I was so hyped and happy about it after the long days and hours and months spent in grinding that gold and collecting materials to then be shocked with the fact, my DPS went downhill really downhill I lost half my DPS, one would think an upgrade would mean things get better but for me, I went from 25-30k dps into 10-20k dps. How ridiculous is that! Not to mention ending up with 3 gem sockets. Please, someone help me understand this logic. Howcome I became worse by upgrading while logically I should've gotten better. And how to solve this? Just spend more time in sad grinding with bad damage and hoping for a carry to then upgrade into more worse stats? Someone please help me understand why did this happen, and if it's even logical and if there's anything to do about it. I enjoy this game, I spend all my time on it, but since then, while it should've been a happy 1st anniversary day it's just been a very bad game experience for me :( Sorry for the long post, I hope for some feedback. Thanks <3