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  1. rather than sealed everything, why dont just put class changing voucher or class change next to character transter. so i can change my class without rerolling and start over again. because hm lvl, upgrade materials, achievements and stuff that bound to character is so much time to farm all of it.
  2. Or they can give a limit on currency exchange like 5 times maximal. it's really annoying if everyone selling 4 gold 40 times just to get 10 elements.
  3. how can i get F10 special item if i can't even get some hongmoon coins. i've tried to sell my gold from yesterday and still not sold. a lot of people only sell 3 or 4 gold. I put the same rate with them but my offer is on page 6 . It's ridiculous if I have to sell 3 gold each time.
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