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  1. Wow /cheer. Thank you all. Now that I remember I probably lost my chance when the server lagged and we had that major d/c (Iksunan) after spending 30 minutes to kill the boss with new people. New hope, and renewed faith in BnS. ^_^ Hope to get both before the new release nerfing.
  2. What is the % drop rate for.. Lord of Flame's Horns -used to obtain Draken Necklace Zhakan's Claw - used to obtain Draken Ring Acrimor's Wings - used to obtain Draken Belt I've scoured the internet search engines and found nothing on the matter. Assuming that they drop in their respective dungeons and having to collect 200 of each for either weapon in Dragon Express I am wondering if the chances of the actual artifact dropping is higher than me farming those number of coins. I've ran a few of these dungeons and have not seen one drop.
  3. It was a suggestion and hence, can be treated as a generalized statement if it does not apply to you. Although at some point during your tenure with BnS you too were once new and with an AP of 1 and were undeniably and technically carried on occassion. I have seen the benefits of the mentor program including (to name a few) fewer untrained participants in higher dungeons, and a generalized appreciate of the mmo due to the cohesive communities. Presently BnS presents itself as a competitive unwelcoming mmo that benefit the time sinks and deep pockets.
  4. I have to agree - BnS has been a bit slow as of late, and unstable with freezes causing me and few others to lose our bonuses. That's why I am not to happy with the way NCSoft deployed this event as yet another hamster wheel grind fest which only adds load to the server and kills the fun. Especially during the weekends when MSP are at it's peek. I think the MSP definitely adds to the load and makes the mmo just not to fun to play anymore. Don't get me wrong BnS for life, but something needs to be done to improve performance and make this event less grindy.. /smh.
  5. Spoken like a true elite with double standards. Don't be greedy but go the way of the whale? Nice.. So If I'm a casual who can only play 1 to 3 hours a week I should be made to suffer further indignation by 900+ AP whales with 48AP diamonds because I missed the boat? Sounds very fair. Wait for the next event? Good promo vs. I don't know.. surprising the newbie with a 35 AP gem, making them feel part of a growing and immersive community, generating referrals, and improving retention. If things were "step-by-step" then everyone can achieve the same goal albeit some longer than other
  6. Dear NCSoft - People AFK for more than 5 minutes in PVP should be booted, replaced, and made to suffer a no dungeon run penalty of 45min to an hour for the first infraction. A day for the second, and a week for the 3rd. This will also decrease if not eliminate leechers. - Anniversary events should involve instance dungeon so that newbies are not frustrated and overwhelmed by some 900+ AP whale killing their much needed level 5 boss before they could even draw their weapons. - Get rid of flames of death so that I don't watch friends die during runs because some
  7. You are not the only one. Game guard is utterly useless given the number of bots I see on a day to day basis. Meanwhile I am having to delete, move, recreate files, and restart my computer every time I want to play BnS. This is the only mmo that I play that uses some ridiculous protection mess that crashes and then closes your client mid raid without warning. I totally agree that it should be removed for something better integrated and less of a headache. More importantly - that actually works against the whale bots in the mmo
  8. Many of the mmo's I've played introduced a mentor program. This link up would last for about 30 days or until your leveled high enough whichever came first. Rewards and titles were granted the mentor for taking newbies under their wing and running particular dungeons with them. I think NCSoft should do something like this to allow new people to acclimate to all the wonderful features of the mmo, all the while making lasting friends with elites out there who contrary to popular belief are not all twitching idiots who live by the knuckle dragging "unga bunga you low HM, you suck, and
  9. The gun class was proposed in 2009, and was released around Nov-Dec. I'm sure it will make its way to the NA version, date is unknown though
  10. I agree with you 100%. It unbelievable how many people read and reply without the benefit of trying to understand the OP. Laughable.. Artifacts of a careless ADHD society. Anyway, An event in my mind is a one day affair, like a party, or BBQ with friends, food, and drink. I guess NCSoft defines events as grind-fests that stretches over 20-30 days to make progress all the while the "whales" line up at the shop for items and replenish their bank accounts. Before the immature crowd in wait starts to troll with off-the-cuff responses for the record I've been playing since beta and put
  11. Rochelle Aguillar FM The mischievous, helpful and the sensual nature loving diva. Living vicariously? No, that's me IRL :3
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