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  1. Not correct i have gd isp an connection an this game gives me 250ms when shoul give me 70ms with out using a secoundary programs an i already left this bad optm game , every other game around west is alot better optm than this , but some 1 like u who have no prob with game will nv understand othe rppl so therefore u just bash on ppl who have probs [content edited by Amraith].
  2. just make east side server an ping prob is fix an for xserver merg it with west there alot of player will play on east server so it wont be dead an west got alot
  3. sadly i got SF to 742+ap an really gd stats /legen 6 wep an 5 necklace an yip i already left them game or care to play i just log to chat with my friends till we find a new game ...true but sad
  4. so i didnt see notting bout ping in the forms or i just didnt look hard enough but i really dont get it ,many player cant play this game due to high ping an by high i mean 160 to 300. i know ppl are gona comment " well 160 is gd ping cause i play with 200 an im fine" bro no.. just no . a person with 650ap an 70ms to 100ms vs dps of a person 700ap both all over 55% crit both same idk 240 crit damg etc = in stats , that 650 ap guy with low ms gona do bout same dps or more as the 700ap guy an it sucks that pve , so meas no matter how hard we try we always behind ( trust me there ways to go
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