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  1. 6v6 Battleground.

    It is so called ballance. Balanced lowies on one side, Balanced whales on other side. What else do you want? Only few matches are winned by niples. Most of the times they are about 1800/100.
  2. Hackers in pvp...

    Sorry but i did not saw any hacker when 64bit came out. In fact i was called hacker several times. GG or not.
  3. So, PvE in BnS

    Hi, i just want share my thoughs about PvE content in Blade&Soul. I playing this game from start in very casual mode. Casual is: Few hours in day, some days not, some weeks also not and playing content i want play in my playtime. PvE in this game is just plain, dull, boring and so easy to do. My PvE play shrinked into close my eyes, press some buttons and get reward. All dungeons i did i did without watching any guide. First run i just watching other guys and learn few mechanics i realy dont need to do. Heck, in most of dungeons i realy do not care about any mechanics. Like GI. I did all dungeons except DT, becaouse i dont realy want another boring thing to do. I doing dungeons only for few golds, there is nothing like challenge, interesting mechanic or so. Few facts: I do not have PvE soulshield. Still, in 80% runs i playing tank with biggest DMG. I do not realy have stable PvE rotation of my skills. I keeping myslef in lightning stance somehow and if i cant i just jumping like stupid rabbit around boss with LMB hits till i can jump into big DMG again. If you see half circle, hide behind boss, if you see full circle, walk away (you can realy slowly). When you see big red circle, use iframe or SS. When you see big ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing red shit, you need to do something special, but who cares if this big thing can not realy do anything in most cases. If boss hits you, well. Who cares. Take a potion. Yes, i'm PvP player, so maybe i can read bosses better than pure PvE players. Maybe. But who cares if i can skip most of the mechanics. I realy wish PvE in this game will be more challenging and fun, now it is just a pain.
  4. It is fun how many ppl dont know P2Progress is part of P2Win. Companies evolved their P2W techniques in way they hide endgame items under stupid grind and expect from players pay to skip all that boring shit so thez can go to the good part of the game. P2Progress is not pure P2Win like you can buy shit from cash shop what is not in the game. Is P2Win in term: Buy power (mats, golds) in one day to rect people with gear for some time (weeks, months), grind them. Non-paying players has disadvantage in this case for weeks, months. If larger amount of F2P players manage to get gear what P2Progress players have, big problem happened. Big problem for company. Whales have no reason to spend more money for power. Solution is simple. Relase next update and put more progresion items into cash shop. Whales will repeat their shit again. Hey, i dont like it, but i can understand. It is easy way how to have MMO in longer term. MMO, what can earn some money without hard work from the side of publishers. But you realy can not be ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing surprised there are many ppl who have issue with it. On market are games with much better business model what realy work and you still defending this stupid shit. Why? You want it! Not a biggie. Enjoy it and spar some real player in arena if you are sooo big monsters loooool. P2W is: Buy power for real cash what F2P players can not find in the game. P2W also is: Buy power for real cash what F2P players can not find in the game in reasonable time to be competetive with P2W players. Who think it is ok, heh it is ok for me. I have fun in the game on my own way. Image on the end:
  5. New character extremely weak

    Triangular gems from quests i think. Life drain, orange one and red one >D (dont know what they doing). I cant realy afford better gems. Sure i have main with probably 500golds but who cares. But now i using pinchy soulshield with huge crit and some random weapon with crit chance too (i have no max accs yet). --- Ye, you met some ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤.
  6. What to do against this

    https://ctrlv.cz/k8RV In fact, this shit doing only summoners. Hide in corner, cat in front so i cant target summoner a swap him in better place for me. He just shooting AOE from that corner all the time. What can i do? Ye, i playing sin just for few days and stil dont understand all that PvE shit in PvP, i playing pure PvP build, but this is something that realy anoying me.
  7. The Wardrobe

    Agree, iam premium too and wardrobe should be free for all.
  8. New character extremely weak

    Yes, and this is reason why my poor sin was maded with all soul shields and wep to get high crit as she can. Regular mob takes mi 3 seconds, field bosses like deva taked me probably 1 min on 26lvl. What we need is better tutorial for newbies. What SS are for example. So why i can kill mob in seconds with any ton and you cant? Man, i dont want discrespect anyone, trust me, but i cant see any problem with new leveling. Is not slower for me. And also: argument i have full lvl BM and i learned nothing on mobs with fresh BM is awesome and also stupid as ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. Edit: What slowing me down is stupidly designed desert area.
  9. New character extremely weak

    Why everybody has so much complaints? 30lvl sin and 10lvl BM on my accouns has no problems solo everything. Stop smashing your keyboards and read what your skills doing. I want strong opponents when you hit 50lvl.
  10. I got 4 costumes on 3 chars (3 costumes on one char) and zero crit heart so far LOL. Thanks for costumes LOL.
  11. New character extremely weak

    My 29 sin is strong enough to clear all like every char before. Maybe stronger because i watching more carefuly what iam doing.
  12. New character extremely weak

    Why it should be easy? I remember times when i can kill basiliks in tera with 4 regular hits. It was time when i stoped play the game. I think it should be hard but i also think rewards should be higher. Higher difficulty without higher rewards or little bit faster progress is nonsense. And i think 300AP 6man team can clear BSCH dung. Why? Well, with new leveling path they will be much more skilled than i was when i faceroll everything and also 300AP is enough ofc.
  13. Two options: Remove all programs with rootkit behavior from PC. Of course, bye bye BnS and almost every single MMO and antivirus and many other programs. Second is: prosecution on NCWest and maybe few hundreds other companies. Choice is yours.
  14. New character extremely weak

    It's actualy good thing what making game better. Hongmoon weapons allowed me just faceroll all the leveling.
  15. Another program to list :D :D. If it was for purpose :D.