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  1. Moon Refuge quest as 10th daily challenge.

    +1 to this idea
  2. AFK players in F8 (specially in events)

    LoL ok
  3. 1. True. 2. Your logic says if you have pest in your crops leave the farm. :P 3. Not all DG would be design like that.
  4. AFK players in F8 (specially in events)

    This is the same as the other topic +1 on VK though
  5. Lyn Warden (We need 12th slot like Korea)

    +1 on increasing slot cap. Why limit us for one slot per class? More characters = more spending time/money in the game which equals revenue for the game.
  6. Stack mech wont eliminate leechers. They will still be at the door waiting for you to clear the boss. No contribution = no reward is a bit harsh because they can troll you using the firewall and you won't get contribution. Examples (CS HH(you need each boss) HM). VK option is the best for these leechers. Koldrak is a whole different story maybe a different thread/topic for it.
  7. AFK players in F8 (specially in events)

    AFK is not a problem in weekly challenges. Why? because there is an immediate person that can kick them. You are so against kicking players. Yet it is allowed in a group of 12. I don't see anyone afking and leeching in a weekly challenge. No real punishment for those who afk in F8. Reporting players to support team gives you a generic response.
  8. AFK players in F8 (specially in events)

    +1 on VK option against AFK players. But then again we are celebrating 1 year of some players having no friends list :P
  9. +1 on marriage system they added fishing instead though
  10. Easy fix would be is to give us ability to salvage the pet to a lower tier and use the pet pack for a different pet this will enable to try out all the pet without losing its original versions
  11. +1 on removing white orb Or at least replace it with naryu silver saves inventory space. One of these scenario has happens to you at least once before: *Long wait and awkward staring in Heavens mandate to see who is gonna use an orb. *Bid war on pet/petpod even you put in an orb and call dibs on loot. *A bid war on Cold Storage for white orb because someone is trying to make profit out of them. *You let someone win the white orb for 1 copper on CS then ends up leaving instead of using it. Spending 6g to open heavens mandate: MAIN QUEST 1g 4s 68,250 exp 1 treasure chest DYNAMIC 715 exp 1 treasure chest (that is premium rewards btw) is hardly worth it. CS and HM should be enjoyed freely by new and veteran players a like without paying more than need. Its those quick easy dungeon to help level up or earn a few materials without breaking a sweat. Nobody is going to exploit these dungeons because it has lock out. If you think that pet/petpod is gonna ruin the market then go ahead and remove it together with the white orb nerf it like always but these dungeons needs to be worth more than what you put in them. +1 If you agree we managed to reduce the cost of raven path this is another good cause for the community
  12. And guess what they just updated the discount sheet :D I guess our post works guys :P we got a bit of a discount
  13. The point that we need to debate about the discount or not is just means that there is no obvious discount on the raven path this coming patch. The post is about raven path having no discount but other weapon has. You don't need to point out the obvious that there is a big discount on aransu weapon which is not even part of what we are discussing. :P The majority of the community has a Raven weapon.
  14. Let's say you are buying all your materials. This is based on the low end of the average prices right now. This will be the calculation. How come the counterpart of the weapon Riftwalk and Dawnforge are getting their Premium Stones remove from the upgrade cost? Upgrading a Raven weapon is like upgrading an Aransu weapon with 1 and 2 Premium stone needed on each levels. Having a Raven weapon will cost you more. Majority of the community has a raven weapon. Please remove the Premium Transformation Stone requirements to par with its weapon counterpart. Raven 7->8->9 GOLD +5 SOULSTONES +310 x 0.50g = +155g MOONSTONES +25 x 7.2g = +180g SACRED ORBS +220 x 1.3g = +286g TOTAL 5+g155g+180g+273g= 626g (added) ELYSIAN ORBS -35 x 9 = -315 LEGENDARY ELEMENT -15 x 20 = -300 TOTAL 315+300 = 615g (discounted)
  15. Let Democracy Rule (vote to kick AFK) an option

    its hard to coordinate 5 people to kick a single player even he is offline.... I don't see anyone exploiting this option unless its planned ahead which is sad