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  1. I just don't care in normal mode anymore since ap shouldn't be a problem if they have true ivory or above. I do want enough players to know the mechs though since you have to to stay alive in things like DT. Yet listing know mechs for DT in f8 has never actually worked all that well for getting an entire party that knows how it works. Same with foundry... Other stats matter but what are you going to do :l Might as well just start telling people that they can fuse crit on their soul shields and which pieces are good all the time.
  2. Get rid of gameguard and player's fps will soar, stuttering will die, and the burden on computers will drop a lot. But NO! We know what'S BEST! It's so funny with NC. They try hard to make good fixes and changes to the game but always fail somewhere...
  3. GG is always the problem. Stop gg and your game will run well.
  4. GG is 100% at fault.... NC is insane for even using this. It just bogs down people's system and makes gameplay worse.
  5. In regedit type in gameguard for search.
  6. You don't have the options in the game launcher settings? There should be a box waiting for a tick mark that says something like check for 32bit.
  7. Usually, in f8 I get 30-20 or at worst 15 fps. After using the update in 64 I've gotten constant 5 and below while fighting lol! It's hilarious fighting 4p Yeti in the Matrix. (Not really all that funny) Going to try 32 again...
  8. ^ Same complaint about hidden processes. It's ridiculous, restarting your entire computer is the new End Task. This isn't going to kill bots either. With a third party task manager I can locate the BnsCefSubprocess64.exe.
  9. Yes this was pretty much pay to win. The deal is so good for the amount of time you would normally have to spend on that amount of materials.
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