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  1. Hope this is to fix the problems caused by maintenance on the 20th.
  2. The maintenance fix screwed the game again.
  3. I see GameGuard start up whenever I open the launcher. The blue shield nprotect thing will appear on the bottom of my screen for a while or the GG updater shows itself on the top left corner briefly. The files for Gameguard are updated often as I can clearly see the dates they were modified on. After the 12th of April my gameplay was a lot smoother on 64bit so I assumed they got rid of it too or something. The 64bit introduction at first was actually worse for me than the old 32bit for a while. Then around the time they introduced a small fix this week my game and computer started
  4. I'm not sure what magical launcher you are talking about but feel free to share it with me because that sounds great!
  5. Ok....having played for about 7 months now I can say GameGuard definitely is not doing anything worth while for all the hassle it brings to people's computers. Arena Pvp bots are still alive and kicking/bots that try to trick new players into carrying them through field missions Gold selling bots and site advertisers never go away Makes game performance worse Gameguard is solving nothing. It doesn't matter if NC eventually gets rid of a small wave of bots every now and then when they will just come right back. Actually...I want someone to give
  6. Before the maintenance I could do 24p raids without too much stutter or lag of any kind..... Now I stutter and freeze so badly that I just die. Went to Khanda today and even with hide on I just stutter out followed by freezing and then wait to see the screen refresh with my character smashed under a fat dragon. Stuttering outside of heavily populated raids also which normally did not happen.
  7. Haven't had this exact problem my self yet but I would bet money the fault lies with GameGuard.
  8. I don't mind teaching people how to do EC, DT, Foundry, and Soguns.....but what about when half the time none of them listen and just rush the boss and wipe the party? Nobody experienced likes wasting their time on this stuff multiple times throughout the day on random players that aren't listening or speaking another language.
  9. I just don't care in normal mode anymore since ap shouldn't be a problem if they have true ivory or above. I do want enough players to know the mechs though since you have to to stay alive in things like DT. Yet listing know mechs for DT in f8 has never actually worked all that well for getting an entire party that knows how it works. Same with foundry... Other stats matter but what are you going to do :l Might as well just start telling people that they can fuse crit on their soul shields and which pieces are good all the time.
  10. Which is why I held off. Also doesn't seem like an outfit I would wear over what is to come.
  11. ^ Saw the same thing happen endlessly in Celestial Basin.
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