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  1. I don't disagree about how hard it was back then doing that breakthrou from true scorpio to baleful and a lot of classes had really bad weopon effect from true scorpio so they got kinda forced to do it, but even then upgrading into it , wasnt the game changer, obviously you would had some more dps , but mechanics were still there to be done for, people with lower gear but great mechanic execution and well done rotations were preferred. My whole point is , i personally don't feel rewarded anymore from it especially when there will be a dungeon every 3-4 months comming out you get quickly bor
  2. The whole thing i write down for now is mostly explaining why shouldn't someone bothering with the game as it is right now, some would say "are you stupid, discouraging players will just make the game even more dead and eventually shut down, is that what you want as an active player?" , honestly for now how the game works , heck ye , that's what literally ncsoft deserves, not taking ever into account what the playerbase wants, you need to wait a few months till a suggestion from the players is done. A game that wont listen to its player base and depends itself only from the big heads that p
  3. Alright, calling me clueless of why the game is so badly optimized il give you some solid points why i didnt even mention that it is on unreal engine 3 . First of , unreal engine 4 is out for almost 5 years, they had plenty of time to reconsider switching to that engine but bns is not a game that listen to its community thats why it wont thrive, instead they preferred to keep it as it is. Second of, i mentioned the optimization and the client cause the client in Korea works much better than ours, thats why you see people use a none official client like BnS buddy that caused a few times pe
  4. So after playing bns for 2 years i can give you a solid opinion about the game, the community and the support services it can offer you. Let's start with the basics, game is poorly optimized, everthing starts from its very client that launches the game , till the spaghetti code it uses while playing the game. If you got for example a 1060 which is a really good card and most common to see in every rig, it wont help you at all in the game. Game only uses most of your cpu while your gpu stays at 5-10% of usage. Anyway lets start with overall problems: 1) your fps will be low, low f
  5. So here i got a issue for a week now that support refuses to do an accessory revert which i legit own since based of their "rules" which obviously doesn't exist since i have asked players that pay a good loan to the game that have done reverts and transfers more than 5 times and they started to play after than i did. Here is the story , i wanted to revert an accessory, 1st support responded to me that i already have done a "legendary item revert". 1st issue in that response i actually knew about that weopon reverts and accessory reverts are in a different category and everybody based
  6. Hello there, i had some ideas of how the game could be improved for those who doesn't want to spend a fortune on donations or any donations at all and be ''truly free to play'' as the logging screen says. After all these months i came up with some ideas that could improve the game a lot, the issues i see currently when i am playing are the upgrade materials, not the amount needed for an upgrade but how to obtain them. At the moment there are a few items that are quite difficult to obtain, for example moonstones/ legendary elements/ evolved stones. The items above are the butter on
  7. Well , i am pretty sure that all these people complaining about lag issues or lag difference are not crazy. I have played multiple kind of online games with their servers beeing located at the same place like yours but never had such high ping or unstable one. Game is still play able but i don't find a reason to lose dps cause of it and having a worse gaming expirience. Netheir i do like the idea paying on some VPN boosters which most of them doesn't do really that great of a work since a lot of times i am lagging worse or my chat doesn't work cause of them, won't even mention 3rd party
  8. Still , i don't find a reason different games beeing supported by 1 server which can affect the overall gameplay and maintenance of them cause of it . Not to mention the akward timings they choose to do so.
  9. well what has that to do with blade and soul? did you even read what i said ?
  10. Today there was a announcment about a upcomming server maintance, besides the rarely often mantaince the game does which we got kinda used to it from now something else got my attention. The reason behind this maintance was for another game named MxM. What's even more weirder was the timings they made the mantaince and also the day they choose it which makes me furious, doing a maintance for another game on Tuesday it's already annoying enough which takes 3 with 5 hour maintance every Wednesday in the evening when most people start playing and server the is crowded. So in other words we ge
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