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  1. Hi i would like to ask if you could chance the drop rate of Aerodrome and Substratum stages(11-41) cause i think its very low i have more then 10 chars and try to get items from demonbane and i have done with the most more then 200+ runs and i haven't see any drop. and if you could check about the boxes cause its wrong or i don't now so if you have more chars that want to farm a item from there its locket per account maybe its wrong and it should be restricted per char so i could buy with my alts when i reach the demonbane coins that it needs and if you could chance the ammount that it needs
  2. hi i sent a message yesterday about the materials that we got in the compensation boxes and they say to me its alright you get only 2 from 41 stage and i have done more then 8 chars max soul boost so i miss 6 more boxes and they say to me no thats it ,and after i say to them about the premium silversteel support chest that i did it with 11 chars and they give me only 5 boxes and i miss like 27 boxes that they didn't give me something they do very wrong in the check system i hope they check again and fix this problem cause we lose like many materials from soul boost for no reason... and iam not
  3. What about the weapon? i mean stage 41 from soul boost should give us 5 empyrean spirit stones and like 3 premium stones to upgrade it and we don't get this materials, IA accesories we get like 1 premium stone for that and it needs 4 to max the 1 accesorie so we should get like 8 for earring and ring to max it.
  4. 300 keys not 1 3 star that is the best trove i hope nobody will spent any money in this game anymore with their scams, do they not see the people are leaving with this crap events they do....
  5. same problem don't getting any reputation
  6. so its better do don't do even reduction if it was for me cause it will be fair for the people that have upgrade it what you think about that?
  7. does anyone else maybe have a problem with not giving us back any oil or something for return of this reductions cause i think it would be nice to get at least some materials back from this reduction they do all the time?
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