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  1. 2nd anniversary disappointments

    The tower of memory event was fun, but why stop there? Leveling up to 55 is one thing but getting the proper gear and HM levels are another. My main issue is if they're going to base the event off of Daily Challenges, there should be a friendlier selection of dungeons. Some are totally doable, but others not so much. It could just use a little tweaking.
  2. Daily Challenge revamp... needs a revamp.

    Agreed. And I think events should be more inclusive for low level players (16+ like previous event dungeons). I understand wanting Daily Challenges to be challenges but then maybe don't base the whole event off Daily Challenges.
  3. 2nd anniversary disappointments

    The events are hardly friendly for lower level players too. I understand them wanting Realm Rift Supply Chain to be hard and the Daily Challenges to be well.. challenges.. but for an event maybe they could make the event activities a little more inclusive and fun? Old events used to be for level 16+ which is good. Plus they actually felt like events. These are just kind of like added bonuses for high level players but everyone else just doesn't get much out of it.
  4. We got this costume from the Holiday event last year I believe. Not sure why it's not account bound, but I hope this can be changed. Thanks~
  5. I asked the same thing on another thread but didn't get an official reply. My guess would be yes, most likely we can finish the 5 Xanos runs afterwards. I mean.. I managed to save that cupcake that gave you the "Trailblazer" title in my received items all the way until gunner was released to give my gunner the title. But of course I don't know for sure and am hoping for an answer as well.
  6. event achievment 10 ap

    Yep, it is. I'm asking in case I don't have time within the event to kill Xanos but already fed the foods. Or vice versa.
  7. event achievment 10 ap

    Awesome. So for example, if I didn't feed my character the 3 Thanksgiving foods or defeat Xanos 5 times until after the event was over, would I still be able to get the achievement? In other words, is there a time limit for the achievement requirements (besides having the 3 Thanksgiving foods in my inventory)
  8. B&S KR 2017.12.13 Update

    Why am I not surprised lol
  9. Yes, these class-exclusive weapon boxes should really be account bound
  10. Yep. It's such a pain especially for dungeon costume items that aren't account bound. I'm not running the same dungeon 50 times multiple characters for a low RNG costume item.
  11. F3 shared wardrobe between characters would be a life saver. The whole outfit stamps thing is way too expensive, and more people might buy premium for the wardrobe if it were shared across the entire account. Making more items account bound is one thing, but having an easier system for player would be better for everyone altogether :)
  12. How to get White Seductress Mask?

    Thanks. I'm guessing the RNG is as bad as the outfit.
  13. So you can get the White Seductress costume in Trove but is the Mask included with that or is it separate? Or is it just not included in the trove at all?
  14. Still no free wardrobe in west

    A shared wardrobe across characters would be amazing for those who already paid for the membership. Seriously, why not? (besides $$$)
  15. Alice Outfit

    Yikes, yeah. The designs didn't translate. Mostly because they used one of the many designs and didn't use them all. I'd be fine with that if the design actually looked better on all races but it only looks decent on the Jin.