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  1. I just got to endgame on my sin im lvl 50 hm 6 atm and I'm not really sure what im supposed to be doing... what is my goal for my weapon and accessories? what ways can I make gold after dailies? what is the best way to increase ap? can someone plz give me a layout or something of what I should be doing or if someone can link me a guide that would be helpful it is very much appreciated
  2. I have an assassin currently lvl 50 hm 6 and im wondering if I should go make and main a warlock o.o (if i like it better of course) what are the pros and cons of each?
  3. btw the 1000 price for the desktop would have to include everything else such as speakers, monitor, keyboard, mouse etc
  4. I have a male assassin and was wondering what are some nice/cool looking costumes for him? (post pics if you can plz) I wanted clothing that was somewhat more revealing but that doesn't seem to be the case since his costumes tend to cover him up a lot more anyways any costume you think looks nice on a male jin would be helpful to mention (also preferably farmable)
  5. I read that assassin was getting a bunch of changes like to every single skill and there was a post about it but exactly when do we receive these updates?
  6. does anyone know when we will possibly getting this buff? around when?
  7. I just started again and made an Assassin but im only 5 ... is assassin good right now? pros and cons plz and what are the top classes atm what are the top dpsers?
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