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  1. Returning Player Questions

    Unfortunately there's no fast lane (apart from irl cash investment I guess) in this game so for now, you should drop the idea of BT/ToE. Focus on your weapon and accessories. Here's a quick overview that might help you: - Do daily challenges. It provides you with some currency and solar energies, which you will most likely need for either gems or a badge. Having alts for dailies helps as you can trade some of the items bought with solar energies (energies themselves aren't tradeable). - Try running DT/NF/NS as much as possible for legendaries. Finding a DT group might not be a problem and often people don't need the necklace anymore so you can get it for free. Same goes for the belt from NF. As for running NF/NS, until you boost your AP somewhat you might have difficulties getting a party, or you'll get a slower party. The only solution to that is probably joining a clan where people can help you. - Do daily MSP and try to get the SS asap. They provide better bonuses than purple SS from dungeons and are a good starting point before you focus on feathers for the raven set (or get them dropped in BT). - For cheaper crit infusions for your MSP SS and later raven set you can join the Soul Wardens and craft the primers yourself. The crit infusions will provide you with 5-6k crit and will generally boost your dps a lot. - Try to collect entry tickets for Tower of Infinity daily (2 per day) and use them to farm Tokens. With tokens you'll be able to purchase a badge. - Farm Celestial Basin for Peaches (currency), you can exchange them for a badge and other useful items. Once you reach enough ap to be accepted in a BT group, go for it. Ofc don't burn yourself out by trying to do all at once, prioritize things depending on your available playtime. And don't forget to have fun :p .
  2. Need Help with Build, Rotation and Play

    it's quite crit dependent... basically you Sunder till you get wind stacks, then use F, which fills 60% of your focus, but to get wind stacks you have to crit... Since in lower lvls your crit isn't that high yet, try simply Sundering and then do a couple of autoattacks and sunder again till you're able to F..rinse and repeat. You can also use Multislash to refill your focus. Later, with lightning build, you'll rely on anicancel rmb/f/rmb/f for focus, that and flaming scourge whenever its available.
  3. Need Help with Build, Rotation and Play

    For leveling I'd recommend you a Wind build, focused mainly on Sunder(rmb). Aggro enemies, pull them in, q or e and Sunder away. If you face any single targets, use Lightning draw and finish them off. Later on, when you reach higher level dungeons, switch to Lightning build, as it is better for single target dps, and Sunder becomes only a means to deal with some groups of adds. As for the lightning build, your main objective is to try to keep Draw Stance up and anicancel with lmb>F>lmb, For leveling, use Wind as in most cases you'll be facing groups of mobs where you simply AoE them down: https://bnstree.com/tree/BD?b=SJqG-LWre Here's a pretty basic Lightning build (you can change some skills to your preference, I've seen people use KD on Soaring Falcon and Fissure on Anklebiter): https://bnstree.com/tree/BD?b=By6ylLbSx (2 skills from the build are HMskills; Maelstrom and Lightning Draw; don't worry too much about them but focus on getting Maelstrom asap when you reach your Hongmoon levels as it is incredibly useful to shield the whole party from any dmg). These are only basic templates for the builds, adjust them to your preference. Concerning pvp, the basic template you can load in your skills tab can serve well, with some changes done generally, and some depending on enemies/what kind of pvp it is.
  4. Transitioning between 6 man and 4 man dungeons

    Entirely up to you. I'd suggest you get comfortable with the mechanics and attack patterns of bosses, for instance a boss raising his hands before an aoe, etc. Also, general dungeon mechanics, phases of different bosses and what to do in them. Once you're entirely comfortable with that in 6man, you can try 4man. Also (not sure, haven't tried myself) I think there's an option in settings to disable boss attack indicators even in 6man, you can train yourself that way if you still feel insecure. Other than that, people often expect a certain amount of gear/ap when doing 4man, it's often overblown to make the run smoother/faster. Don't let it discourage you.
  5. Some Advice would be Nice :)

    Honestly, don't mind the posts about light build/anicancel for now, go wind/hybrid with pull on V +sunder for now, leveling will be much easier. Later, for dungeons, especially bosses, you can spec lightning and slowly get used to it through dungeons like Blackram/Bloodshade.
  6. Why delete my topic?

    READ, don't assume. Both BG modes switch out, every other day is the same one, FOR THE WHOLE DAY. Inbetween 7-11pm OF EVERY DAY, the mode that is unlocked for that day has a battleground bonus.
  7. Is this worth equipping?

    The dagger you get at the start, the Hongmoon one, is the only weapon you'll ever need^^. Just keep it up to date with upgrades,this Dokumo dagger is a requirement for one of the upgrades.
  8. Stuck

    117% acc and belt not yet but I've got those wines that give 10min resist, till i get belt up. So it's not a problem.
  9. Stuck

    I'm not crafting much that's true, maybe I should look into that... Can't even find a pt for Asura 6, and if i try to pug it, its a horrible mess. for now I'm just doing 6man usual dungeons, up to Shattered Nexus and Gloom, always pug. I mean I've been in Nexus 3 times and I'm already carrying 400ap newcomers and explaining mechanics and solo CC-comboing boss... But all ppl want is AP. It's abit frustrating.
  10. Stuck

    Hey guys, I'm stuck at 520AP with requirements for next upgrades being quite steep. My question is; what's worth doing besides dailies to be able to afford to progress? I can't seem to find groups for Asura or 4-man Gloom/Lair because of steep requirements (550-600+).